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Posted by Kari Montoya on Mar 31, 2022 7:30:00 AM

This year has seen unprecedented challenges affect the building community. From financing to material sourcing, home building timelines and costs are in a state of change. While this may be bad news for other custom home builders, Adair Homes has the depth of resources, partnerships, and systems to bypass many of the frustrations. We are building dreams, one home at a time!


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Are you thinking about building this year? While many elements of custom home building feel out of your control, there are certain things you can do to pave the way of progress—and get you into a new home as quickly as possible!

Adair Homes has compiled a list of the top six tips for home building in 2022. Conquer this list and rest easy knowing that we’ve got the rest.

TIP #1: Understand Your Land

Adair Homes does something unique. We build you the home of your dreams on your own land—whether that property is located on twenty acres, or down the street in a cul-de-sac. You don’t have to live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood to live in a new home.


If you’re in the process of looking for land to build on, be sure to include 30-day due diligence period in any offers you make on property. Here’s what you’re looking for:

  • Utility accessibility - Is the prospective lot already connected to local utilities? If not, get estimates from local providers on what it will likely cost to bring power, sewer, or septic to your building site.
  • Zoning - Understand exactly what you can and cannot do with your land. Shops, ADU’s, barns, and use restrictions will all be covered in zoning laws.
  • Permitting - Get information about wind ratings, snow loads, easements, protected areas, and whether the land is in a flood plain. Understanding the associated permitting requirements will help you learn about any additional costs and potential delays.
  • Footprint Limitations - Every lot comes with a different set of ‘rules’. Many times there are specific zones in which you can build your home. Likewise, each lot will have setbacks from the property lines you must abide by. Small lots might require a narrow floor plan, and even large lots might only be suitable for building within a specific area.  

TIP #2: The Must-Have List

Make a list of your non-negotiables. For example, if you want a walk-in pantry, a covered patio, and a custom kitchen island—write these desires down in order of importance. Perhaps your number one must-have is a soaking tub—or an oversized garage.

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Knowing what is most important to you will help establish a thoughtful budget—and help you make any potential cost saving decisions later on. You’ll feel great knowing that your non-negotiables have been accounted for in your primary budget from the get-go! 

TIP #3: Wide Margins

Your building budget can feel like a bit of a moving target. It’s important to be realistic about the overall cost of your home and stay in-the-know about the price of each stage of construction.


It’s possible that certain phases in the building process might cost more than originally budgeted for due to material cost increases or unforeseeable time delays. Therefore, it’s essential to have a contingency budget in place to address any unexpected costs that arise during building.

TIP #4: Permits Take Time

No matter who you are, or where you are building—your new home will have to go through the same permitting process. Patience is key. Permits are expensive and take time to issue. Waits can be months long—and it feels like forever!


But rest assured, your home is being scrutinized for safety and energy efficiency—and when the permits are finally issued, the real fun starts!

TIP #5: Customize an Existing Floorplan

The best way to shave a little time (and money!) off your build job is by choosing a pre-designed floorplan and customizing it to suit your needs. You can customize any of Adair Homes’ floorplans to make it perfect for your family—from additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and built-ins, to garage shops and ADU’s.


As a custom homebuilder, Adair can make your dream happen.

TIP #6: Prepare for Emotions

Simply acknowledging the stress of building a home is important. New homes are both a financial risk and a reward. Remember the end goal: by owning your own home you are wealth building and living in a place of retreat, memories, and love.

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Acknowledged that the process can feel all-encompassing—but the end result will make every moment worth it.


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