Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 24, 2014 12:00:21 AM
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Building a custom home is an exciting time for you and your family, but sometimes it seems like you’re learning an entirely new language. How well do you know your construction terms?

Test your knowledge with this fast and fun quiz.

1. A truss is a:

a. An element such as a beam, arch, or cornice under an architectural feature

b. A framework of rafters and other elements that support a roof

c. A rounded corner of drywall

2. A joist is a:

a. A structural element of a slope roof, often for the installation of a window

b. Small parallel beams of timber that support a floor or ceiling

c. A roof that consists of four sloping sides

3. R-Value refers to:

a. A measure of the resistance of an insulating or building material to heat flow, expressed as R-11, R-20

b. A measure of the structural capacity of the soil

c. How much a pirate is worth

4. Flashing is:

a. Material that is used to prevent water seepage in roof and wall construction

b. The flat section along the roof line where gutters are typically attached

c. What to do with your headlights to open your garage door

5. Pitch refers to:

a. The incline of a roofline or the ratio of height to width of the house

b. The height and width of a window or door opening before drywall

c. Singing in a really high voice

6. A transom is:

a. A window that is installed above another window or doorway to add extra light to a room

b. Material that’s installed between the ceiling and the roof to improve energy efficiency

c. A structure that’s designed to prevent soil erosion or hold back a slope

7. A cornice is:

a. An interior trim element that is typically installed 3 or 4 feet high

b. A pitched roof overhang

c. The vertical pieces (usually metal or wood) that connect a stair railing to the stair tread

8. A shear wall is:

a. A structure designed to counter lateral load including high winds and seismic activity

b. A wall that supports weight from the structure above it

c. A wall that does not support weight from the structure above it

9. Grubbing is:

a. The act of leveling a lot to make it suitable for construction

b. Removal of trees and shrubs on a lot prior to construction

c. Eating really fast


1. The correct answer is B. 

2. The correct answer is B.

3. The correct answer is A.

4. The correct answer is A.

5. The correct answer is A.

6. The correct answer is A.

7. The correct answer is B.

8. The correct answer is A.

9. The correct answer is B.

What Your Score Means

Give yourself one point for every correct answer. Tally all of your points to calculate your final score. Read the descriptions below to rate your construction knowledge.

0-3 Points

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4-6 Points

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7-9 Points

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