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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Oct 19, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Embarking on the journey to build your dream home is a thrilling adventure filled with choices, creativity, and the promise of a future uniquely tailored to your vision. At Adair Homes, we understand the significance of this endeavor, and we're here to guide you through every step of the construction process. In a recent Adair Live featuring Kari Montoya and Jay Sauers of Adair Homes, we delved into the intricate details of building with Adair.

Adair Live_ Finding Land 10_11_23

Let's break down the key aspects discussed in the live session, shedding light on the advantages of building on your lot, the distinctions between custom-built and pre-designed homes, and the seamless construction process that defines Adair Homes' commitment to excellence.

1. Building on Your Lot: A World of Possibilities
One of the standout advantages highlighted by Kari and Jay is the flexibility to build your dream home on your own lot. This approach opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to craft a residence that harmonizes with your surroundings, captures breathtaking views, and reflects your lifestyle. Building on your lot means embracing the uniqueness of your location, ensuring that every corner of your home is perfectly tailored to your desires.

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2. Custom-Built vs. Pre-Designed Homes: Finding Your Perfect Fit

During the discussion, Jay and Kari articulated the difference between custom-built and pre-designed homes. Custom-built homes, as they explained, offer the opportunity to personalize every detail, from the layout to the finishes, making it a truly one-of-a-kind space. 

On the other hand, pre-designed homes provide a curated selection of floor plans and design options, offering a streamlined approach for those seeking a balance between customization and efficiency. 

Adair Homes prides itself on delivering both options, ensuring that every homeowner finds their perfect fit within our diverse portfolio. Our online portfolio of house plans is just a starting point—offering a wide-range of possibilities, from multi-generational homes, to houseplans that fit on narrow lots, and single-level homes perfect for all ages.

1843 - Ruby - 307933-3 (42) (2)
Ruby Plan
1192_Douglas_313148-4 20-1
Douglas Plan
2226_Vaughn_312682-9 01 (2) (1)
Vaughn Plan
3495_Cascades_312633-8 02 (1) (2)
Cascades Plan
1952_Oswego_313569-10 01 (2) (4)
Oswego Plan
3. The Adair Homes Construction Process: Where Dreams Take Shape

At the heart of Adair Homes' success lies our unique construction process. From the initial design consultation to the final touches, we prioritize transparency, communication, and quality craftsmanship. 

Each phase of the construction process is carefully executed, ensuring that your vision transforms into reality. Our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with you, keeping you informed and engaged throughout the journey. The result? A home that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, embodies your unique style, contains your specific preferences, and feels like home.

Building your dream home with Adair Homes is more than a construction project; it's a personalized experience tailored to your aspirations. Adair Homes is committed to making your vision a reality. Our comprehensive construction process, coupled with the expertise of our team, ensures that your journey from concept to completion is seamless, rewarding, and unforgettable.

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Ready to embark on your dream home journey? Explore the possibilities with Adair Homes, where innovation meets individuality, and your vision takes center stage. Your dream home awaits – let's begin the adventure together.

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Whether your land is located in a rural or urban area, our Home Ownership Counselors are proud to assist you on the path to building your dream home. We offer a wide variety of plans, a commitment to value, and guidance in the design process. 

If you’re still in the early stages of the homebuilding process, we can help you find land and provide financial services through Adair Financial.