Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 30, 2016 8:00:13 AM
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The kitchen is the absolute heart of the home, and it is one of the biggest reasons why so many of our customers decide to go custom. Because you spend so much of your time in the kitchen, this room should also reflect your design aesthetic.

Your kitchen should offer a full sensory experience. It’s not only the preparation zone for the culinary feasts that will delight your taste buds, but your kitchen should also be a feast for your eyes.

The benefit of building a custom home is that you can create the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. The options are endless!

We’re constantly inspired by the beautiful and imaginative ideas our Adair Homes customers incorporate in their custom home kitchen designs. Here are a few of our favorite real kitchens, designed by customers just like you:

Warm and Classic Kitchen Design


In this custom kitchen, we love how the marbled quartz in these smooth, polished countertops harmonize with the dark cabinetry. The owners opted for the Livingston floor plan which offers a spacious, open kitchen and large pantry. The detailed cabinetry is the star of the show, and combined with its rich, warm hues, it conveys a timeless elegance.

Woodsy and Picturesque Kitchen Design


For those who love a natural vibe, we can’t get over how beautiful these honey-hued cabinets look in this custom-built Mt. Hood-inspired home. Just picture it: your entire family gathered together at the wrap-around island bar. These provincial cabinets give this kitchen a warm and inviting feel. We also love how this open kitchen is perfect for entertaining without feeling separated from the action. Everyone can pull up a chair and even pitch in.

Timeless, Bright Kitchen Design


Are you dreaming of a bright, white kitchen? This kitchen, built from the Marion floor plan, is absolutely charming and timeless. This design will stand the test of time and be just as beautiful a quarter of a century from now. We also love the hand-scraped, durable wood tile floors that perfectly contrast with the clean look of the cabinetry.

Glamorous Meets French Country Kitchen Design


Who says the kitchen can’t be glamorous? If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen (and even if you don’t but want to), include all the elements that make your heart sing. If chandelier pendant lights bring you joy, go for it. We love how this homeowner used the Columbia floor plan to create a French country kitchen to drool over. The rustic elements of the wood tile floor and faux finish cabinetry perfectly contrast with the sparkle of the chandelier and refined countertops.

Rustic and Personality-Driven Kitchen Design


This kitchen, from the Mt. Rainier floor plan, is filled with the type of personality that individualizes a space and makes it custom. From the creamy subway tiles to mosaic stove backsplash to the dazzling pendant lights above the dark marbled island, you can immediately see that every element in this kitchen was carefully selected to play off of each other. Together, these elements make this kitchen a one of a kind space and we love how it turned out.

Have the perfect idea in mind for your very own custom kitchen? Don’t wait. Download the free design guide now to start planning your own dream kitchen.