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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Feb 3, 2023 12:00:00 PM

2023 is in full-swing—and everything on the home front is bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever before. While the colors of the pandemic years leaned into the natural and delicate, 2023’s Pantone Color of the Year ‘Viva Magenta’ is an exciting and bright hot pink that creates an instant impression.

GO BOLD! Terra Rosa  DE5096 (1)

Viva Magenta has certainly influenced the color palettes of paint companies and interior designers across the country. Bold reds like Raspberry Blush from Benjamin Moore raises any room’s energy levels, stimulating love, passion and power within its walls. Redend Point by Sherwin Williams is another vigorous color to increase the heart rate! Consider painting a previously staid den or powder room in one of these high-vibrating colors.

Terra Rosa  DE5096 (2)


The red trend isn’t reserved for the inside, either. While farmhouse whites and sage greens have dominated the exterior paint selections for a few years now, watch for earthy reds to make a comeback. Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards is a muted and tasteful red that will remind you of a warm sunset’s glow or a timeless farmhouse from generations ago.

Looking for something bolder? Classic Burgundy by Sherwin Williams is a classic body color that pairs nicely with white trim for an unforgettable look.

Terra Rosa  DE5096

Your Home, Your Choice 

Color trends for 2023 can be summarized with one word: Personal. Designers are encouraging their clients to choose colors that speak to them, are highly saturated, and open-ended in their interpretation. Not sure if you like Blue or Green? Try something in the middle like Vining Ivy by Glidden. 

Wallpapers are also making a strong comeback—and your choices have never been better! Gone are the days of simple rosebuds and stripes. Today, you can buy wallpaper murals or enlarged still-life copies of the Dutch Masters. It’s truly your decision!

2492_Custom_312592-11-4 (1) (2)

Your Choice With Adair

Inputting some of these bold design choices is easy with Adair. Start a Pinterest board, cut out pictures from magazines, and visit one of our design centers—we are happy to integrate your desires into your home. Our designers will help you make great color decisions for every room in your home—bold, bright, and timelessly YOU.

Adair Homes + You = The Perfect Home

With over 50 customizable floorplans and an entire Pro Team at your disposal, building a custom home with Adair has never been easier. Choose to personalize one of our plans, or draw your own from scratch. Either way, you’ll benefit from our decades of building experience and the cost-saving relationships we’ve built through Interpak Supply.

Contact an Adair team member today and begin the journey. We’ll walk you through every step, from budgeting and property site plans to interior design.

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