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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jun 24, 2022 11:00:00 AM

It’s that time of year again! When sunshine, warm breezes, and good company beckon you out of your home and into the garden. Are your outdoor spaces ready? Ever since the pandemic’s beginnings, our outdoor spaces have been receiving more attention than ever as people choose to socialize—and even work—out of doors.


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We’ve identified the top 7 ways you can make your outdoor space comfortable, functional, and above all—personal to your home and family.

1. Climate Control

Cool mornings, warm nights, or somewhere in between, whatever your climate is, you’ll want to build your outdoor space around it. For those living in the Pacific Northwest, a covered space is essential for year-round enjoyment. 

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Adding a propane or natural gas firepit or table is another great way to bring warmth to a cool evening in a low maintenance manner. Lastly, pepper your deck with bright outdoor pillows and throw blankets. Your friends and family will stay longer into the evening the more comfortable they are.

2. Add a Deck

There are so many ways to hardscape your outdoor space these days. From European pavers to sleek, modern concrete, to PNW flagstone, or traditional wood decking—there is a way to bring your style straight into your yard. 


Hardscape is essential for dining table purposes, and is a great way to divide your outdoor spaces. Creating a game zone (think corn hole and horseshoes), a firepit area, and a dining space brings function and organization to your evening fun.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Are you the life of the outdoor party? A BBQ master? Prepare your yard accordingly with a plumbed gas and water line directly to an outdoor kitchen area. Build counter space into your design for the chef. Then sit back and watch the entertainment come to you!

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4. Outdoor Living Room

There’s a reason outdoor furniture is all the rage. Outdated plastic furnishings are OUT, and natural wood and plush seating is IN. A covered patio, twinkle lights and an outdoor heater bring a dreamy atmosphere to life in your own backyard!

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5. Outdoor Office Space

More people than ever before are working from home. During the summer months, it’s nice to bring the laptop and the work station outside for some much needed fresh air and sunshine.


Plan ahead to add a functional work area into your backyard by identifying a space that has the three work essentials: shade to keep electronics cool, a nearby outdoor outlet, and WIFI reception.

6. Vertical Gardens

Do you have a small yard or barely one at all? There’s still room for a vertical garden that utilizes hydroponics. These ‘walls’ of greenery not only add visual interest to your outdoor space, but work beautifully as privacy screens.


7. Landscape Lighting

Last but not least, bring your backyard to life with landscape lighting. It’s not about up-lighting your house—but rather, utilizing new solar technology to line your pathways with light and create garden party seating and entertaining areas that can be enjoyed long after the sun has gone down. Ambiance is everything!


The perfect outdoor area is all about you, your style, and how you want to utilize your outdoor spaces. Not sure how to incorporate these ideas into your own backyard? Visit our Adair Pinterest boards for more ideas on how to personalize your outdoor spaces. Sunny days were meant to be spent outside!

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