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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 12, 2020 7:16:42 AM
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There have been more fires in the Northwest this year than the past 18 fire seasons combined, according to Washington Governor Jay Inslee. We are happy to report that as of now, all of our team members and customers are safe even though many are in high risk areas. With the unprecedented amount of fires throughout Oregon and Washington we also have a lot of our friends and families members trying to figure out what to do. 

If You Have Evacuated or Are At Risk


Working with some industry professionals and relying on our years of experience with fire rebuilds we made this quick list of things to consider:


1. Sending a message: If you evacuate, update your voicemail with your evacuation plans so your friends and family can locate you and know your status, even if your phone dies.

2. Take notes: consider starting a journal or using the notes feature on your phone. This is a great place to document your journey, your conversations with professionals, and in reminding yourself where you are in the process.

3. Save your receipts: it's possible you might be eligible for reimbursement for some of your additional expenses during this time.Additionally, there may be a reimbursement option for travel to meet with adjusters, contractors, etc.

4. Push pause on your bills: your mortgage company might have a deferred payment option while things are getting sorted out with insurance. Additionally, you will want call your local utilities and your cable/internet provided to pause (or cancel) your services.

5. Make a list: a detailed list of all your belongings will be required for insurance, mentally walk through your home room by room to make sure you capture all the financial value you can. If you are in a high risk area you might want to consider doing this before possibly being evacuated.

6. Check in with services: Salvation Army, Red Cross, and your local food bank, for example. This is your time of need and these organizations have services that will make it easier for you and your family. 

7. Stay connected: start a group text or two with friends and family, This will help you keep everyone updated without feeling overwhelmed.

8. Don't rush a big decision: if your insurance is pushing you to sign or agree to a payout make sure it's the best option for you and your family. These are incredibly important decisions that will affect your future.

9. Protect your finances: it's possible some of your financial information is in your home while it's empty. Contact all of your financial institutions to let them and protect your information.

10. Safety above all else: the safety ratings are in place for a reason. It will be tempting to return home for a precious photo album or treasured item that insurance can't replace, but we urge everyone to take the advise given by our fire teams.

Our Emergency Response Team

Our team is on high alert and here to help our team members and each one of our customers through these troubling times. Our Customer Care team is always available 7 days a week, but we recently implemented this emergency form. If you are in a crisis we are committed to a response within 4 hours.

Make A Difference

Overwhelmed with concern for our friends and family, Adair Homes has donated to the Salvation Army because we believe what they are doing is truly making a difference. If you have not been impacted and are looking for a way to help, we ask that you join us and support the cause with us.

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