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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 3, 2024 11:45:00 AM
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At Adair Homes, we are proud to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and community impact. Recently, Inter-Pak Supply, the company responsible for sourcing the majority of the interior finish of our homes, made a significant donation of 150 doors to The ReBuilding Center in Portland, Oregon. This generous contribution aligns perfectly with our shared values of reducing waste in landfills and promoting reuse and repair in the construction industry.

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Inter-Pak Supply's decision to donate interior doors was rooted in their commitment to responsible inventory management and quality assurance. As an inventory-based business, they regularly assess their stock to maintain efficiency and uphold high standards. With a surplus of smaller doors resulting from a strategic shift to a new supplier, Inter-Pak saw an opportunity to repurpose these excess doors by donating them to those in need. By choosing to donate rather than discard, Inter-Pak demonstrated their dedication to minimizing waste and making a positive impact beyond their organization. This proactive approach to inventory management highlights Inter-Pak Supply as a reliable and socially responsible partner in the construction industry.

“The connection between Inter-Pak Supply and the Rebuilding Center blossomed through a shared vision for community impact and sustainable practices,” says Lisa Corcoran, Inter-Pak's General Manager.

“It all started when our warehouse manager, Collin Powell, recognized the Rebuilding Center as a partner whose goals resonated deeply with ours. Inspired by the Rebuilding Center's mission to promote sustainable building practices and provide affordable materials for home improvement projects, Collin saw an opportunity for collaboration.”

The ReBuilding Center is a climate justice organization dedicated to making reuse and repair accessible to all, with the goal of reducing waste, ending overconsumption, and empowering homeowners and renters to make better use of existing resources. By connecting usable building materials to those in need and teaching repair skills, they ensure that people can safely maintain their homes while minimizing environmental impact.

“At the heart of the Rebuilding Center's work is the belief in the power of reuse and recycling to create a more environmentally conscious and equitable community,” says Lisa. “Their commitment to diverting reusable materials from landfills and making them accessible to all aligns perfectly with Inter-Pak Supply's dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”


The ReBuilding Center’s 30,000 square foot store is a treasure trove of Portland's architectural history, filled with salvaged materials from deconstructed and renovated old homes, as well as new materials from construction partners. From solid wood doors to high-quality lighting and unique decorative elements, The ReBuilding Center offers a wide range of sustainable and affordable materials for home repairs and renovations.

“By forging this connection [between Interpak and the ReBuilding Center], we've been able to support the Rebuilding Center's efforts to provide affordable building materials to those in need while also contributing to our own sustainability goals,” says Lisa.

“It's a partnership built on shared values and a mutual desire to make a positive impact in our community. Together, we're not just building homes – we're building a better future for everyone."

Adair Homes shares The ReBuilding Center's mission of reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable building practices. By supporting initiatives like this donation from Interpak Supply, we contribute to a more environmentally conscious and resilient community. Together, we can make a difference by prioritizing reuse, repair, and responsible consumption in the construction industry.

We commend Inter-Pak Supply for their commitment to sustainability and thank them for their generous donation to The ReBuilding Center. As we continue to build homes for families across the Pacific Northwest, we remain dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and supporting organizations that share our vision for a more sustainable future.

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With Inter-Pak's door donations, the ReBuilding Center reached out to say their store is looking full with all of the beautiful doors they are able to sell. Thier customers are thrilled with the variety and quality of these doors. The donation process was super easy and Adair Homes is looking forward to working with them more in the future! 

If you’re thinking about building a new home in the greater Pacific Northwest, we invite you to visit any of our Adair Design Centers and meet with our professional construction team members. We’d love to share the benefits of building with Adair Homes!

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Our customizable floor plans and design options allow for personalized touches, ensuring that your home truly reflects your lifestyle and preferences. Our transparent pricing and straightforward building process provide peace of mind, eliminating hidden costs and surprises along the way. Additionally, our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that your home is built to the highest standards, delivering long-lasting durability and satisfaction. With decades of experience in the industry, Adair Homes brings expertise and reliability to every project, guiding you through each step of the building process with confidence. 

It’s our focus on sustainability and community involvement that promises that your home not only enhances your quality of life but also contributes positively to the environment and local communities.

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