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Posted by Kari Montoya on Feb 22, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Gary Culp, teammate, friend, and co-worker, has been nominated and received more internal awards than any other employee within Adair Homes. His can-do attitude and willingness to be of service to those in need is indicative of his leadership role at the Corporate Office. We are so very proud to have Gary at the helm of our drafting unit, where his ability to work with people across department lines is a boon to our entire enterprise. 


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The Beginning

  • Gary began his career in drafting directly out of college, working with a small custom home builder in Vancouver, WA. The experience was contagious. Not only was Gary good at drawing homes—his ability to problem solve and make connections with people meant his services were in high demand. A vibrant career ensued. For thirty years, Gary has been drawing homes; both in the production home building industry, and the custom home building sector. His ability to move between the two disciplines makes him an indispensable part of the Adair Homes team—where we design Adair Site Services and custom built houses, both.

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    Adair Homes is a great match for Gary’s people-oriented focus. His ability to lead with a team mindset fits perfectly within Adair’s core values.

  • “Do the right thing, Honesty, Integrity, Respect—these are the things that keep me with Adair Homes. It’s part of the company creed, and values I believe in.”


Working at Adair

“The best part of my job is the Ah-Ha moment. When we are in a customer meeting and laboring over a unique design challenge, and we suddenly have an answer. The Ah-Ha moment is when the momentum starts going in the right direction—and the customer’s confidence in choosing us to build their home is immediately validated.”

Over the eight years that Gary has worked at Adair Homes, he has built a department team proud of each other; wherein each individual is lauded and contributes their best. It’s a team-focus with winning results. 

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“Our overall company goal to expand into new markets, while taxing, is proof of the drive that our leadership has. This is what makes—and continues to make—Adair grow and be successful.”

Adair Loves Gary

Gary’s team-strong mentality does not go unnoticed by his coworkers.

“Gary helps everyone. We had a problem with an appraiser wanting more from us in terms of concept dimensions. He went above and beyond by calling the appraiser, notating his needs and delivering what he wanted in less than 10 minutes...this is a huge deal for a number of reasons. An appraisal can hang up a deal and cause delays. Gary, as busy as he is, knocked this out incredibly fast and I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! These customers are awesome and I'm so glad I have awesome leaders/team members that help me take care of them!” -Laura McGill, Home Ownership Counselor, North Valley

“Gary is donating a drill press and his time to help the Interpak Supply team by drilling peg-holes in sample boards for backsplash tile for all of the branch offices. This equates to about 300 boards that require drilling, and his efforts have resulted in the vendor waiving their prep charges. Gary is helping the company's bottom line and coming to the aid of his teammates. Just another day at the office for our good friend.” -Dan Vandehey, General Manager, Interpak Supply

Thank you, Gary. Adair Homes is a stronger, more robust company because of your contributions—and not just on the drafting paper. We applaud your team focus and people-first mentality. You are an integral part of this organization.


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