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Posted by Kari Montoya on Aug 1, 2020 10:37:41 AM

Building a home is not a one person job—the supply list alone could fill binders. Coordinating, ordering, and delivering products to our job sites is the cornerstone to the success of Adair Homes and ultimately, the happiness of our customers. Sitting in the seat of responsibility is Dan Vandehey, Business Manager for Interpak Supply. He is one of Adair Homes’ greatest assets, and someone you’ll be happy to meet.

Dan Vandehey, Business Manager, Interpak Supply


Dan, what values do you hold most dear? Why? Honesty and fidelity. I think people should speak the truth, and faithfully live up to their word. We are living in an age where our society has a loose relationship with honesty. When our most prominent citizens make a mockery of truth the honest people need to be the strongest example of all.

For what purpose does Adair Homes exist, from your perspective? Most people don't have a million dollar budget, but they still want a beautiful, quality-built home. By being an on-your-lot builder, Adair provides options outside of the typical cramped neighborhoods. With Adair, people can realize their dream of living on a spacious piece of land, in a comfortable, solid home with great amenities. Building a new house isn’t easy. People entering into such a massive and daunting project need a partner they can trust. Being that trusted partner is why Adair Homes exists, and will continue to exist.

In what ways does Adair Homes advance and communicate our purpose? Our goal of lifting customers up so they are level with their dreams is communicated through our actions. My response here circles back to what I hold most dear. We all strive to be honest with, and respectful toward our customers. We give our word, and we live up to our promises. Staying this course reinforces that we are a company who can be a trusted partner in the most important project a majority of our customers will ever embark upon.

In what ways is the authenticity of Adair's purpose evident in everyday activities? In many cases, the Adair employees working together to complete a project will never meet the customers they serve—but this doesn't diminish their desire to make the journey of building a house a wonderful experience. We all have the ever-present knowledge that performing a task incorrectly can adversely affect the customer experience, so we work diligently to improve processes and communication so we can mitigate errors. We are honest when we discover mistakes we have made, and enlist the help of our coworkers to correct small problems before they grow into large problems.   

Tell us about something you are most proud of during your time at Adair Homes? I have worked closely with Heidi Paulson to refresh the look of many of the interior materials in the base and optional lines. I am especially proud of the progress we have made with base materials, expressing through our offerings that we want even our most budget-conscious customers to build a beautiful home that commemorates a successful step up in their lives.

Dan is a forward thinker who tries to anticipate potential issues before they come up. He is very whole business oriented and cares about both the financial impact and safety of the company as well as the customer's experience. He is a great asset to Adair. I am looking forward to seeing his full impact in the business, in the years to come.” -Heidi Paulson, Design & Options Coordinator

You keep something very whimsical at your desk—care to share? For my 51st birthday, my family gifted me a blue bladed Jedi lightsaber. It seems silly, but I keep it at my desk to remind me of three very important lessons: Number one, my family knows who I am and wholly loves me—even the nerdy parts. Number two, childhood is magical—and even as adults, we need creativity and fun to be well-rounded. Number three, be the hero, and put others’ needs first.

What are your hobbies outside of work? I love aqua-sculpting. I have a 90-gallon tank, live-plant system, and fish. It’s its own eco-system. 

Ironically, my favorite food is sushi. So, you could say I spend a lot of money to keep my tank fish alive, and a lot of money to eat other fish.

What is something that your coworkers might find surprising? I used to make a living welding and fabricating race car chassis in the late 90’s. I also worked with NHRA Drag Racing in conjunction with the late-great Carol Shelby, and sold Goodyear Tires to the racing teams. It was a fun time to be involved in auto sports!

Thank you, Dan Vandehey. We are proud to have you in the Adair Family, and grateful for your dedicated work. You are one of our greatest assets.


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