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Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 7, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Adair Homes has grown in size and scope over the decades—but one thing hasn’t changed. We know we are better together. We rely on each other to make this company a great place to work, and that in turn, gives our customers the best product and experience possible. The “BeONE” Adair Homes value is in our DNA; it’s part of our mission. Our employees are core to our business model, and we absolutely know it!

A True Leader and Team Player

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An Amazing Leader

Carolyn Pavoni, Home Ownership Counselor from North Valley, Arizona is a perfect example of our BeONE Value expressed in real life. Carolyn’s gracious dedication to her customers does not go unnoticed. Kati Smith, a Home Ownership Counselor from the Mid-Willamette Valley tells of Caryoln’s above-and-beyond attitude.

“Carolyn is just amazing and it needs to be shared,” says Kati. “I have customers building on the Oregon Coast who currently live in the Phoenix area. They are doing a custom build, and Carolyn agreed to host their custom design meeting from her own office in Phoenix and show them around the design center afterward. She was just so gracious and so accommodating—the customer is thrilled and so am I.”

Adair Homes relies on our Home Ownership Counselors to work with homeowners from the moment they walk in our door with a dream, to the delivery of their new home’s front door keys. Carolyn Pavoni takes this role to heart.

“I like giving an opportunity to people who never thought they could afford a new home to be built,” she says. “The excitement of them coming into their design meeting—from a bare lot to imagining what a home could look like on that lot? We empower new families to fulfill the dream: building a house that they want at an affordable cost.”

At Adair Homes, working with colleagues across a wide swath of disciplines isn’t a choice—it’s part of the job. And Carolyn is a prime example of a team player who knows how to imbibe confidence and joy into her daily routines.

“Carolyn is one of the best team members I’ve worked with because she is a very loyal and genuine person. She cares about all the people she works with—customers and Adair Family alike—and she is there to support them in growth, their knowledge-base, and goals,” says Laura McGill, Home Ownership Counselor in Southern Arizona. “I think it’s important to acknowledge her hard work in building relationships (and ultimately a new region in Arizona). Her efforts have brought value and resources to customers…I’m so proud to have the privilege of working with her.”

With that we say a grand THANK YOU to Carolyn Pavoni, as we recognize the positive impact she has made at Adair Homes…and if you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area and looking to build your dream home, perhaps you’ll get to work with Carolyn, too.


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