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Posted by Kari Montoya on Oct 4, 2021 11:08:15 AM

At Adair, one of our primary tenants is: Be One. We believe in the strength of a team working together as one, for a shared purpose, to an end goal. It’s both surprising and wonderful to witness how our team mentality is demonstrated to the customer. Because it is. We understand that our company’s greatest asset is each one of our employees.


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An Amazing Asset

Brenda Loukes, a Home Ownership Counselor in the Southwest Washington branch, is the kind of key employee that doesn’t just repeat the BeOne mantra, she lives the BeOne mantra. And it makes all the difference.

Not only do her coworkers recognize that Brenda is a dedicated team player, her customers, and the customers of other branches recognize her benevolence, integrity, and commitment.

“Brenda is amazing; we recently had customers schedule a meeting with her and when she realized they were in the wrong branch she still went above and beyond to help the clients with the process,” says Sarah Reeves of the Central Washington Branch. “Brenda helped design a perfect plan for the clients, and she even took the time to help pick out their finishes. I appreciate all the time she spent with them to not only set their project up for success but to also help a fellow team member. Thank you, Brenda!”

Leigh Fox, Online Sales Manager at the Corporate Office had a similar experience that involved Brenda. Another customer stopped into the Woodland Branch on a Sunday afternoon, only to learn that based on where they wanted to build a home—they should actually be talking with the Aurora Branch. “These customers spoke with Brenda. Regardless of the fact that they were at the wrong branch, Brenda walked them through our process, provided information for our Finance Team, and treated them with the respect due to all of our customers regardless of what Branch they ‘should’ be at.” As a result of this above-and-beyond interaction, these future Adair Homeowners are excited to build with us, and already have a level of trust built with our company that transcends brochure promises.

From Corporate to Branch level, Brenda has made an indelible impact on those she works with—and those she works for. Clients and coworkers alike recognize her all-in commitment. So, Thank You, Brenda Loukes, for your irreplaceable BeOne attitude. You are making Adair a better business every day.


About Adair Homes

With 51-plus years in the industry, Adair’s long-term commitment to treating each customer with honesty, integrity, and respect has paid off, 22,000 customers strong and counting. 

At Adair Homes, our mission states: it is our privilege to build our customers the home they have always dreamed of. We believe in providing the greatest value for our customer’s dollar and finding innovative ways to value engineer homes. We believe that we can offer an outstanding customer experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding—and offer this one-of-a-kind customer experience as the largest on-your-lot builder in the West. For more info, get in touch with us here or call 1-844-518-7072.


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