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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Jun 7, 2023 12:30:00 PM

The Brager is much more than a home plan; more than a set of prints at a job site. The Brager is one man’s legacy at Adair Homes.


John Brager is a teddy bear of a man. Kind, gentle, and deeply caring. With over thirty years of experience at Adair Homes, his expertise is unmistakable; his sincerity is unmatched. As a Home Ownership Counselor, John Brager has sold more homes than any other person in Adair’s history. As a result, Adair Homes has created a home plan in his honor—one that we believe encompasses the width and breadth of his three decades of experience in home planning and sales. 

To John, people are at the center of every decision.

“I like people. I like people to a fault. And hopefully, that is one thing that people realize when I meet with them, that I really do care about them. And their future, and helping them build equity, and helping their family be able to get into a home—because a home is more than equity—it’s a place to grow and hang your hat. It’s a place for your kids to live […] it’s all about family. So my success has been all about people trusting me, and I try to build that trust and then keep that trust with them.”

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The Brager home plan does all this—and so much more. This contemporary ranch home is a sleek and modern take on a traditional one-level.

The Brager’s open floor plan features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, providing ample space for a growing family or those who enjoy entertaining guests. The main living area boasts high ceilings, large windows, and natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The kitchen is a chef's dream with its high-end stainless steel appliances and a large island perfect for food preparation and gatherings.

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“I like meeting with the people,” says John. “I love helping them work through getting a home. A lot of people never thought they would have a real home, and it's my job to lead them down that path so that they can have a home!”

As a Home Ownership Counselor, it was John’s responsibility to walk potential homeowners through the custom home building process—from creating a budget to scheduling site visits. 

“It’s really important to keep people in their budget. I felt like I could really help people through that process,” says John.

The Brager plan includes many of Adair’s most requested home features, standard.  The Kitchen, Dining Area, and Great Room form the central hub of the home. Bedrooms are generously sized, a Bonus Room offers a myriad of options, and a covered front porch welcomes family and friends.


Over the years, John Brager has worked with thousands upon thousands of buyers. As a result, he’s dealt with just about every scenario possible. And some home construction stories make an impression that last forever. 

“I think I am most proud of a customer that came in after having been in prison for a while,” reminisces John. “I went out to visit his site, and you could see it was a real mess. There were cats and car bodies, and it was an old manufactured home. We had to measure around buildings.” After qualification, John met with the couple again. “When we were signing the paperwork, his wife started crying she was so excited. And the kids said, ‘Thank you for making my mother happy’. That was really touching,” says John. “But the best part was I was invited to their home when it was finished, and I drove up there—and it was a completely different piece of property. No more junk cars. No more cats. They had a yard! It changed their life. Having an Adair home completely changed their life.”

John isn’t shy about the emotion that surrounds building and owning a home. Houses represent stability and wealth building, now more than ever. “A home is always a good investment,” says John. His advice? “Stay in your budget. Make sure that you set a budget and stay within it! I know that if you build with Adair, you are going to have a home thirty years down the road. You’ll also have an investment if you choose to sell your home. You’ll end up with a lot of equity.”

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John himself owns an Adair Home—one he lovingly designed 27 years ago. He’s happy to point out that it still looks brand new. “I’ve had zero problems with it. It [the house] reminds me every day, as I get up, what working for Adair means to me.”

And what does that mean?

John can’t help but get a little choked up. “Adair exists to serve our customers. I think that is the number one thing about Adair. And the people at Adair Homes—well, they’re—they’re the best,” he says with a smile. “Service-minded leadership is also key. Everyone at Adair is there to serve each other from the President on down. It’s all about people.”

Well, John—we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Thank you for your service.

Check out the new Brager plan in Adair’s online library, and let us know what you think! 

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