Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM
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Are you considering buying a new home in Magic Valley, Idaho? With median home prices increasing and inventory shrinking, many home buyers are choosing to buy land instead of an existing home and building new.

Find out how affordable building new can be with Adair!Gif for Building vs Buying

Are you considering buying a new home in Magic Valley, Idaho? We know the home search process may be frustrating. With median home prices increasing and inventory shrinking, it might feel like there's just not that much out there. You're not alone. "Affordability is becoming an issue across the state, and when faced with it, many home buyers are choosing to buy land instead of an existing home and building new.

Pros to Building New with Adair Include:

      • •  Build what you want, where you want–no sacrificing on location.

      • •  More buying power–homes in rural areas go fast, while land while land remains on the market for long periods of time..

      • •. No bidding wars with other home shoppers.

      • •. Everything is new, so you don't have to worry about immediate maintenance and repairs.

      • •. Lower cost per square foot than existing homes (yes, really!) in the Magic Valley areas.

Is a New Build Affordable?

When searching for a new home, many people assume that buying an existing house is more affordable than building a new one in Magic Valley. While this is certainly sometimes true, it’s not always the case. Adair Homes offers a range of plans that fit every need and budget. Here are some of our most popular and affordable plans:

Reduce Costs

There are many ways you can reduce the costs of building a new home. The first is "sweat equity". When you act as the general contractor for your home, you get instant equity because you are putting in the work yourself. By managing subcontractors for site development and doing some tasks, such as setting up utilities, site cleanup, and painting, you are keeping costs down and exercising more control over the build process for your new Adair home.

Budget Wisely

Make sure you spend your money on structural items up front that you cannot easily change later. Cosmetic items can always be upgraded at a later time. For example, deciding on a more affordable countertop is easier on the budget and can be updated later without much disruption to your home. Put your budget into the areas of the home that are most important. If high-end appliances are a priority because you love to cook, then you may want to install more budget-friendly items in the kid's bathroom. The more you prioritize, the easier it is to allocate your budget accordingly.

Leverage Your Network

Engage your social connections. You will be surprised how many referrals you can receive if you simply ask! Ask friends for contractor referrals in the Magic Valley area, and ask for them to tag the businesses. Once you get some leads and information, be purposeful in making your final decisions by asking for insurance and license information. Let your leads know that you are getting multiple bids–this will make them more competitive and can help reduce costs further.

Money-Saving Trade Secrets

There are some little-known updates that you can do to save even more money. These include interior wall insulation for soundproofing, low voltage wiring, curtain backing to prepare for curtains, TVs and heavy mirrors. Planning ahead will help you save money and appreciate your home even more.

About Adair Homes

Adair Homes has been building dream homes across the country for the last 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped more than 20,000 families achieve their dream of home ownership, and we take pride in making sure our customers find the perfect home that not only fits their lifestyle but also fits their budget. For more info, get in touch with us here or call 1-844-518-7072.