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Expanding into Arizona means we get to explore even more design possibilities for our customers. In addition to the features and options that are unique to the Arizona market, when you build new, you have the freedom to customize your new home as much as you want. Incorporate some of these cool design ideas as you plan your spaces, and you can make your home feel like a welcoming vacation space, even if it’s your full-time residence. As you’re making design decisions, think about how you want to feel in your Arizona home and choose the options that get you closer to your vision.

1. Tile, Tile Everywhere!

With the heat of the desert, it’s important to make your space a cool respite from the outdoors. Tile floors are a popular option, and many people choose this material for the whole home. Tile is also easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for families who want to lighten the chore load and retirees who want an easier lifestyle. If tile feels too cold, you can always cozy it up with a few area rugs that add both color and texture to a room.

For common areas and bedrooms, wood-look tile offers the warm look of a rustic or stylish wood floor with the durability and coolness of a tile. With so many options in a wood-look tile, you can showcase your individual style. Rugged farmhouse looks and clean contemporary options are good starting points for putting a whole look together.

For the kitchen and bath, tile is a popular choice in all regions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yours stand out. Consider unique options such as glass tile for the kitchen sink backsplash or shower walls. Metal tile accents on the backsplash behind the range will make any kitchen feel more modern. You can also use patterns and tiling methods such as stacking to add eye-catching texture. With so many tiling options for your Arizona home, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

2. Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Covered patio spaces, or “Arizona rooms,” are a big draw for those settling in the desert landscape. These spaces provide a shaded area that is usable all year long, protecting you from the harsh, beating sun in the summer and the monsoon storms in the early springtime. A covered patio also gives you extra living space and easy access for outdoor entertaining, especially if you include a grilling area or outdoor kitchen. It also makes the inside of your home feel larger, with multiple sliding doors that also serve as windows to the outside.

As you plan your new home design, think about how you will use both your indoor and outdoor spaces. For example, installing gas stubs on an exterior wall allows you to hook up your grill to your home’s gas supply. Put an additional gas hookup in the center of your Arizona room to build out a fire pit. You might also want electrical sockets for outdoor TV viewing parties, a sound system, and overhead fans. A water supply is also essential for installing a small wet-bar sink.

This is another area where you can use stone and tile to stay cool and keep cleanup and maintenance to a minimum. Think about the transitions from the indoor spaces to the outdoor area and choose complementary materials. Choose seating materials that are both comfortable and durable. Even furniture that is stored under the patio cover will be exposed to the elements, so purchase items that are designed for outdoor living.

3. Art Studio Spaces

Many artists move to Arizona for the inspirational landscapes, temperate weather, and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you just dabble in painting or are a serious sculptor, having a home art studio allows you to be creative whenever the mood strikes.

As you are designing your new home, think about the built-in cabinets, the work benches, the shelving, and other functional spaces that will allow you to work most efficiently. Perhaps you need a sink for cleaning brushes, or ample natural light for getting the color just right. If you frequently hang images, make one wall covered in pinboard material so you have all the vertical space you need. If you intend to display your work, think about the layout that will work best and make sure you have ample wall space.

Access to outdoor space is also something to consider. Do you want your studio to have a private entrance so you can feel like you’re in another space entirely? Maybe you want the option to move the easel outside to an adjoining deck through sliding doors. Perhaps just having the perfect view of the outdoor landscape is all you need to spark inspiration. Think about what makes you most creative and how you can incorporate those elements into the design of your home studio.

4. Pool Party Time

One of the best ways to beat the Arizona heat is to take a quick dip. When planning your new home and doing the site development, think about whether you will want a pool now or in the future. A natural extension from your Arizona room, a pool provides both a central gathering area for the whole family and a quiet escape from the rest of the world.

Pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a range of budgets. If your primary goal is exercise, think about installing a lap pool so you can maximize a small space and still get in a great workout. If entertaining the kids is a priority, a more standard rectangular pool with a slide or basketball hoop will keep them busy on hot summer days. If you just want a space where you can relax and cool off, a small pool with organic, curved edges feels elegant and blends into the landscape.

If you don’t have enough space for a pool but still want a way to enjoy the outdoors in water, consider installing a hot tub. The nights can get cool in the desert, so even after a hot day, you might want to slide into the warm water and soak your stress away.

5. Low-Maintenance Landscaping

One of the nicest aspects of desert living is that you can have a beautiful, well-manicured landscape that requires little maintenance. By using a combination of hardscaping, decorative stone, and hardy succulents, you can have a classy, stylish landscape surrounding your new home.

Many Arizona residents choose to install artificial grass if they want the lush look of a lawn. It requires no watering, mowing, or weeding; the soil doesn’t erode; and the grass always looks perfectly green. You can complement this look with native tall grasses, cacti, palms, and blooming plants to add a pop of color.

Hardscaping is also an opportunity to express your personal style. Using paving stones for walkways and decorative stone to define various areas adds texture and requires little maintenance. Much like you do with indoor tile, you can choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors to create the look you want.

6. Window Treatments

When the sun is blazing, there will be times when you want to make sure it isn’t shining directly into your living spaces and providing too much light or heat. At the same time, you don’t want your indoor spaces to feel too dark and closed in, especially on a beautiful sunny day. Choosing the right window treatments will ensure that you are able to keep the heat out while letting in just enough natural light to brighten your day.

Solar shades are designed to block glare and reduce UV exposure inside your house. This will also help protect fabrics and other materials from excess UV rays that can cause them to degrade faster or fade. Solar shades also allow you to see outside while providing this protection, so you can preserve your view and keep your home cool at the same time.

The sun doesn’t stay at the same angle all day, but the intensity can be consistent. As the name suggests, top-down, bottom-up shades and blinds allow you to open and close them from the top, the bottom, or both so you have complete control over where the light is coming in from. These are also great for maintaining privacy while letting in natural light if you open them from the top and keep the bottom closed.

If you’re interested in building a new home in Arizona, get in touch with one of our Adair Homes branches in Tucson, Tempe, or Phoenix to learn more about our unique process. It starts with a meeting with your Home Ownership Counselor to determine what you can build for your budget. From there, our professionals will work closely with you to customize your favorite floor plan and add all of the features and details you want for your dream home. If you’re inspired by any of these Arizona home ideas, get started today with designing your own new custom home.

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