Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 2, 2018 7:20:23 AM
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Anyone who has ever purchased a home understands that it’s an exciting, emotional experience. Not only are you making a substantial investment; you’re also putting down roots for yourself and your family. You’re buying a house that you will make your home in the coming months and years.

That feeling is even more intense when you go through the process of building your first home. Finding your ideal piece of land, making all the necessary design decisions, helping with site development, watching your home being built from scratch, and then waiting eagerly for construction to be finished—it’s an incredible process, from start to finish.

Our customers can attest that building your first home is so different than simply buying a pre-built one. There are several unique aspects of building a home that make custom homebuilding unforgettable.

The Process

Building a brand-new home typically takes six months or more, during which you get to work with an entire team of professionals to make sure the home’s style and floorplan fit your needs. Since you’re involved in every step of the process, you truly feel like that is your home. After all, it was custom built for you! That feeling of connection isn’t typically the case when you buy a pre-built home, since it would have been built to someone else’s specifications. When you go the custom route, you feel that the home is 100 percent yours.

In addition, since you get to choose all the elements of your custom home, from the floorplan and layout to the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops, you also get a bit of a behind-the-scenes view into what it takes to design and build a home. Our customers say that makes them appreciate their custom home a lot more—even years after they moved in.  

The Location

Another unique facet of a custom home is the fact that you have a chance to build it exactly where you want. Whether you purchase land or build a home on a piece of property you already own, it means a lot to be able to put down roots on a piece of land that is all yours.

Seeing It All Come Together

It’s certainly fun and exciting to choose your home’s floorplan, exterior style, and design finishes. But nothing compares to the feeling of seeing your first custom home start to take shape.

For many of our customers, one of the biggest thrills comes when the site is cleared and the foundation is poured. Then, your home is framed out, and you can actually see the rooms and overall floorplan take shape. At the midpoint inspection, you get to walk through your future hallways and rooms and start to envision yourself living there.

Then, as the weeks progress, you’ll see finishes such as flooring, lighting, and paint added to the rooms. You’ll start to see your own style emerge—which is always exciting.

The Big Reveal

Once your custom home is completed, you’ll do a final walk-through with the builder, complete your home orientation, and get your keys. Not surprisingly, this is often our customers’ favorite part of the process. It’s incredible to see all your hard work, design selections, and plans come to fruition. We’ve seen quite a few new homeowners with tears in their eyes as they tour their brand-new home, which was built entirely for them. And we don’t blame them—there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from building your first home.

Experience it Yourself

Are you ready to experience the feeling of building your first home? Stop by an Adair Homes office in your area.