Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Dec 22, 2016 9:17:38 AM
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There’s no denying that families grow and change over the years. Any number of life events—from a new family member to a newly empty nest to a big job promotion—can suddenly cause you to realize that your current home just isn’t fitting your family’s needs. When a big change happens, it may be time to upgrade.

For many homebuyers, the excitement of beginning to look for a new home may also be tinged with a bit of anxiety. After all, how do you ensure you find a house that meets your family’s changing needs, is within budget, is available in the perfect location, and has all the finishes you want?

For a growing number of home buyers, building their own custom home is the answer to these common challenges. If you’ve ever dreamed of going custom, now is the ideal time. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons a custom home is the right fit:

Personalized Floor Plans

Think about how you and your family actually live in your home, on a day-to-day basis. How do you use the space? What would you change to make it work even better for how you live?

One of the biggest perks of building a custom home is having the chance to choose a floor plan that is exactly what you want. With a production home, you are confined to a limited number of floor plans, and making changes can be very expensive. Going the custom route means you get to decide how the home will look and function. You can move walls; add bathrooms; expand bedrooms; incorporate a unique, must-have feature; and more—whatever will work best for your family’s next stage.

Greater Product Choices

Custom homes also allow you to choose from a much broader range of products, such as paints, cabinetry, light fixtures, flooring, and other important finishes. You are free to pick and choose features and options from the most trusted brands in home construction. This lets you select the products that fit your personal taste and your budget and often gives you access to higher-quality materials overall. The end result is a home that truly feels like your own and has all the finishes that your family has dreamed of.

Incredible Value

Not only do people who have a custom home built benefit from greater product choices and higher-quality materials, but they also have the opportunity to generate substantial equity through the course of the building process. You read that right: Custom-building your dream home is actually a smart investment.

How is that possible? Choosing a custom home means you can build on your own land. By taking responsibility of the land purchase and site development—two important steps that your builder can assist with—you stand to immediately generate up to 25 percent equity. So the process of building the home of your dreams also benefits you financially and becomes a worthwhile investment for your family’s future.

Ideal Locations

Finally, the custom-build route also gives you greater flexibility in where you build your home and how it’s situated on the lot. Maybe you’re looking for a bit more space, but within a quick drive of shopping, restaurants, and other conveniences. Or maybe you have your heart set on a couple of acres in the country, without a neighbor in sight. No matter where you envision your next home, going custom puts your ideal location within reach.

With a customer builder like Adair, you’re able to build on land you currently own or that you buy before you build. We even offer a Local Land Search tool to help you home in on land that fits your list of must-haves. So you don’t only get a gorgeous dream home, but you also get to build exactly where you want.

Are you ready to start custom-designing your family’s dream home? 

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