Posted by Morgan Roskam on Jul 20, 2022 8:47:00 AM

What’s in, what’s out; what’s hot, what’s not. Home design is fashion, and we understand the need to constantly evaluate our product offerings in order to present our customers with a wide variety of options—both classic, and on-trend.


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Each year our design team sits down to do a formal review of our product programs. We look at evolving and popular styles in everything from architecture to trending color palettes. We consider cabinet design, lighting, finishes, as well as hard surfaces in a constant evolution of home design! 

This month we are very excited to unveil new tile products for Adair Home customers from Emser Tile—including decor and field selections.


Looking for something classic, yet absolutely up-to-date? You’ll want to look at the PASSION line. These elongated, pressed-edge subway tiles appear hand-formed with their undulating surfaces, and come in glossy or matte finishes to compliment your look. Verde is a rich forest green, while Azul is a deep blue.

(photo courtesy of Emser tile)

The REZONE Collection

Next, we’ve collected the perfect tile for your classic backsplash. Penny-sized hexagons have been around for a century of in-the-moment design. Choose REZONE in either black or white, for those field spaces that call for quiet reflection and timeless beauty.


The OMNI Line

Going for a modern twist? The OMNI line offers an elongated hexagon tile in both white and navy. This sophisticated take on the classic hex tile has a distinctively modern vibe, yet feels comfortable in transitional spaces. Not sure how to approach your room? OMNI is guaranteed to wow.



Geometric tile is absolutely on-trend and in-the-moment. From floors to wall murals, backsplashes to showers, the encaustic tile is having a moment! The DESIGN line from Emser is ideal for those looking to make a big splash. These eclectic designs are sure to complement and enrich spaces throughout your home—and the color palate? Perfection. These tiles come in a range of blues, greys, creams, and whites.

Back to Basics

When it comes to color, energized organics are very of-the-moment. Deep greens and blues not only provide a sense of calm, they reflect the ideals of stability and timelessness. These botanical colors can be used in every room without feeling out of place; natural tones transcend trends. Incorporating dark charcoals and hints of black as a companion color will only accentuate your style and add depth and luxury to your design.

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Adair Homes offers each one of our customers access to a design showroom, personal shopping, and design services. We enjoy helping you create the home of your dreams—from the Pinterest board to your property, we’re here to serve you.


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