6 Apps You Must Download When Building your Own Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 27, 2018 9:46:26 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Homebuilding Process

Building your own home is a thrilling process, from start to finish. However, it can be challenging too. Working with a homebuilder to create a custom home involves making a thousand decisions—some small and others extremely significant. Luckily, modern technology can help make these choices a bit easier.

As you build a custom home, you’ll need to decide on a floorplan, an exterior design, custom layout options, paint colors, appliances, flooring, cabinetry, and everything in between. Of course, builders like Adair Homes have professionals on hand to help you every step of the way. But new, intuitive mobile apps can also be invaluable for envisioning your future home, tying the design and decor together, selecting paint colors and finishes, and more.

Here we’ll count down six apps that you should download when building your own home:

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Landscaping a Custom Home: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 13, 2018 1:11:16 PM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process, Design

Although it might not be the first thing you think of when building a new home, the landscaping is one of the first things people notice. It also takes time for newly planted flowers, shrubs, and trees to fill out and look natural in their new setting. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor, you need to plan the landscaping early in the process so that you’re not stuck with barren soil surrounding your beautiful new home.   

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When is it the Right Time to Buy a Home?

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 5, 2018 6:35:50 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Financing, Homebuilding Process

You can buy a new house at any stage of life, but there are a few key points when it just makes sense to own a home that truly matches your lifestyle. Living in a space that is too large or too small can create unnecessary challenges. Trying to stay in the same place because change is hard might actually be more difficult in the long run. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or are ready to move on from your current situation, it might be time to think about taking the next step toward purchasing a new house.

When is the right time to buy a new home? Often it’s when there are major changes happening in your life, such as:

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What It Feels Like to Build Your First Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 2, 2018 7:20:23 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home, Homebuilding Process

Anyone who has ever purchased a home understands that it’s an exciting, emotional experience. Not only are you making a substantial investment; you’re also putting down roots for yourself and your family. You’re buying a house that you will make your home in the coming months and years.

That feeling is even more intense when you go through the process of building your first home. Finding your ideal piece of land, making all the necessary design decisions, helping with site development, watching your home being built from scratch, and then waiting eagerly for construction to be finished—it’s an incredible process, from start to finish.

Our customers can attest that building your first home is so different than simply buying a pre-built one. There are several unique aspects of building a home that make custom homebuilding unforgettable.

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Steps to Building a House Part 7: Wrapping Up and Moving In

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 30, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

Over the last several weeks, we've focused on every task that you and your builder will need to accomplish in order to make your dream of a custom home come true. Stage seven is when it all comes together—when you wrap up the building process and move into your brand-new custom home.

This step begins when construction of your home is nearly complete and you can see the finish line, but the process isn’t quite over. There are still several important steps you must take in order to ensure everything in the home is complete for move-in day.

These include:

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Steps to Building a House Part 6: Building Begins

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 28, 2018 8:30:47 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

By the time you get to the construction phase of building your new custom home, you’ve already gone through a lot of steps. When most people envision building a new home, they see construction vehicles, crews, and materials on their site. However, these are just a few of many components of the homebuilding process.

Before the Superintendent can begin work, you must finalize your budget, make decisions about the floor plan, submit permits, and coordinate the site development work. Once you’ve done all this, then what? The good news is that the construction crew does most of the work from this point on, but there are a few items you still need to pay attention to.

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Building a House Part 5: Meeting the Team/Permit Approval

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 23, 2018 7:23:38 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

At this point in the process, you are well on your way to building a new custom home. Even though you haven’t broken ground yet, important steps have been checked off the list. You still have a few more to get through before you see activity on the site, but every task that is completed brings you closer to move-in day. 

After you have completed the contract for your new house with Adair Homes, the next couple of months will involve a lot of planning. Before construction can begin, the drawings must be completed, the PreConstruction meeting must happen, and permits must be submitted. In addition, a visit to the local jurisdiction is key to your PreConstruction success. While you are probably eager to see work start happening on your site, these are important steps towards building your house that help ensure construction goes as smoothly as possible.

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Steps to Building a House Part 4: Completing the Contract

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 21, 2018 8:31:00 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

As you’ve seen in our previous site development blogs, the custom homebuilding process involves a series of important steps that get you ever closer to your dream home. In our last blog, we discussed one of the most exciting stages, Stage 3, where the buyer gets to decide on a floorplan, make customizations, and select finishes, such as flooring and countertops. Making these choices helps to make your new house a home and is one of the biggest joys of going the custom homebuilding route.

But Stage 4 is just as important to the overall process. During this time, you’ll work with your builder to complete the contract for your new home. This is the stage that kicks off the actual construction process—and it’s a pivotal point for a homebuyer.

Let’s take a closer look at what Stage 4 entails, as well as your responsibilities during this time.

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Steps to Building a House Part 3: Designing and Finalizing The Layout

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 19, 2018 7:03:14 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

Purchasing a home is a significant milestone in life, and sometimes it can be a stressful process. It’s no wonder that so many customers assume that building a custom home is even more chaotic. In actuality, we have the process down to a science and make it easy by breaking it down into manageable stages.

As we explored in our last blog, Stages 1 and 2 involve getting your financial information in order, determining your budget, completing your pre qualification paperwork, and working with the construction superintendent to evaluate your land. Now, you’re ready to move on to the actual design of your home—which, for many homebuyers, is the best part of the custom home building process.

Here we break down the next steps of building a house so you know what to expect:

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Steps to Building a House Part 1: Getting Started with Adair

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 14, 2018 12:59:35 PM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Homebuilding Process

The idea of building a new home can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. You probably don’t know all of the steps that will be involved, and you may not even know where to start. This series of blog posts will take you through all of the steps in detail, so you will know what to expect when you decide to build with Adair Homes.

The more prepared you are in advance, the smoother the journey will be. This is important not only for your peace of mind, but also for your budget because a faster build is less expensive than a lengthy one. Building a new home is not as simple as picking a plan and letting the builder run with it. As a homeowner, you have opportunities to be actively involved throughout the process in ways that will help you build equity and keep the project on schedule. This includes making timely decisions and managing certain parts of the project.

We’ll cover more of those details in future posts, but for now, let’s cover the first steps to building a house.

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