Home Design for the Environmentalists

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jan 5, 2016 9:00:31 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home, Custom Home Design, Design

The Pacific Northwest is green in more ways than one. Along with our lush landscape that leaves everyone green with envy, our green way of living is changing the world for the better. For the environmentally conscious buyer, Adair has earth friendly custom homes built to please.

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Owning a Vacation Home is More Affordable Than You Think

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 18, 2015 1:02:35 PM

Topics: Build a Custom Home, Design

Have you ever dreamed of owning a vacation home? Imagine packing up the kids on a Friday afternoon after a long week and escaping to your own beach house. Or what about your own mountain cabin where you can ski or snowboard to your heart’s content?

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How to Create Crazy Good Curb Appeal

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 13, 2015 4:00:33 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Design

Admit it. We all like to look good. Really good. Turn-heads-and-stop-traffic kind of good. After all, it’s boring to look like everyone else on the block. At Adair Homes, we know that you want to build a home that you can feel proud to show off to friends, family, even total strangers. After all, when you come home from work at the end of the day and pull up in your driveway you want to see your house and think, “You are still as good looking as the day I moved in.”

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Insanely Simple (But Wildly Useful) New Home Design Ideas

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 6, 2015 1:00:42 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Design

What does it mean to design SMART? It means a home that’s the perfect fit for you and your budget. Designing a dream home doesn’t have to mean expensive finishes and over-the-top options. Most often, it’s about editing. Eliminating square footage and features you don’t want or won’t use and making your space functional and beautiful everyday.

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Craftsman Exteriors Now Available on 6 Custom Home Plans

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 21, 2015 8:10:50 AM

Topics: Floor Plans, Design

Have you always dreamed of owning a charming Craftsman home, but don’t want to give up all of the benefits of modern floor plan design? Then we have great news! Adair Homes now offers an optional Craftsman-style exterior on six of our most popular custom home floor plans.

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This or That? Ideas to Personalize Your Custom Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 9, 2015 1:00:42 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Lifestyle, Floor Plans, Design

At Adair we offer a range of quality floor plans so you are sure to find something that fits your lifestyle.  Our customers love the process of picking a plan and personalizing it to make it their own. Gathering new home design ideas is easy with the abundance of Adair floor plans to browse online. However, customers love that they get to put their own flair into the final result.

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10 Tools for Designing Your Dream Home (Without Leaving Your Couch)

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 7, 2015 11:31:37 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Floor Plans, Design

We live in an amazing time; just about anything is available with the click of a mouse or the flick of a touchscreen. Now, you can design a custom home from your laptop or device. The Adair experience allows anyone planning their dream home to browse custom floor plans (and much more) from the comfort of their couch. Here are 10 ways to brainstorm and begin the process of creating the home of your dreams online:

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Custom Galore! Customer Design Ideas We Adore

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jun 16, 2015 1:00:39 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Design

When envisioning and designing your custom home online, you have a range of possibilities to explore right at your fingertips. While current home trends should be considered, you can also stick with timeless home customizations that will always be in style and, more importantly, that suit you. At Adair, we are inspired constantly by our customers’ home designs. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

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25 Popular Custom Home Customizations

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on May 29, 2015 1:00:34 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Design

New home design trends can take a home from ordinary to ideal. From ideas for active families to features that leave room to grow, building your own home allows for creativity and customization. Consider these 25 popular custom home design ideas for your next home:

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4 Fabulous Features For a Fantastic Custom Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 24, 2015 11:15:44 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Homebuilding Tips, Lifestyle, Floor Plans, Design

It’s official! Spring has sprung. And for many of us that means kicking the snow off our boots and unpacking our summer wear. But it also means that this is the perfect season for building a custom home. Why? Because starting your dream home today means that your home is likely to be completed by fall. That’s why we are excited about our March Love Your Home event. When you sign before March 31, you could receive up to $6,500 in additional upgrades!

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