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One of the ways Adair Homes helps control the costs of building a new home is by developing strong relationships with suppliers. 

When it comes to windows, we partner with Jeld-Wen, one of the world’s largest reliable window manufacturers. Jeld-Wen has more than a hundred facilities throughout the world, and two of them are near Adair Homes locations in the Pacific Northwest, allowing us to source our materials locally and save on shipping costs. 

Founded in Oregon in 1960, Jeld-Wen has always cared about the communities that its employees live in. One of the ways it does this is by making contributions to the Jeld-Wen Foundation, which enhances the communities of its employees. We respect the company’s commitment to both quality products and its communities, which is why we have partnered with Jeld-Wen for nearly seven years. We are confident that the Jeld-Wen windows we install today will provide protection against weather for years to come.

To learn more about why we choose to partner with this quality, caring company over other window manufacturers, read on.

Lifetime Warranty

Warranties are often sold one way but mean something else. Windows from less expensive brands claim a limited lifetime warranty, but if you read the fine print, the warranty often cuts off at three or five years. 

Jeld-Wen stands by its products and commits to transparency in its warranties. They offer a ten-year warranty while other window manufacturer warranties only cover two years. Plus, if you choose to sell your home, the warranty extends to the new homeowners.

Jeld-Wen understands that one of the more intimidating aspects of ownership is all the paperwork. To make things easier on you, Jeld-Wen keeps an online archive of warranty information so that you can always access yours when you need to. 

Energy Efficiency

Jeld-Wen’s commitment to energy efficiency has been part of its story from the beginning, and in 1998, it became partners with Energy Star, a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since then, the majority of the windows produced by Jeld-Wen have been certified by Energy Star as energy-efficient products. 

Most of Jeld-Wen’s windows have coatings (low-e glass) that help regulate interior temperatures by minimizing the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass while not compromising the amount of light that enters through the glass. As a buyer, you have the option of double- and triple-glazed options. For even more efficiency and protection, you can also choose to upgrade to LoE3-366 glass, which has all the features of low-e glass but with an additional three layers of thin, silver antireflective oxide coatings. 

Investment in energy-efficient windows pays for itself in heating and cooling savings. The most energy-efficient option isn’t only good for the homeowner; it’s almost always less harmful to the environment as well. Thanks in part to Jeld-Wen windows, new Adair homes average 9,048 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year compared to the average house, which averages 12,492 kWh per year. Plus, the water-based treatment that these windows undergo releases up to 96 percent fewer volatile organic compounds during the manufacturing process than traditional solvent-based methods. 

Interior Protection

As we have mentioned, the low-e glass coating on Jeld-Wen windows provides UV protection that helps with insulation. However, this coating also helps protect the interior furnishings of the house. With Jeld-Wen windows, furniture and floors will fade less and wood furniture will last longer. Plus, you can enjoy natural light without worrying about the effects of UV exposure. As a bonus, Jeld-Wen windows also provide acoustic insulation to reduce noise from the outside.

Customizable Windows

At Adair Homes, we pride ourselves on offering customization of our homes to meet the style and needs of our customers. One of the reasons our partnership with Jeld-Wen works so well is that it also believes in customization for its customers. 

All Adair Homes come with a standard window package from Jeld-Wen, which includes vinyl dual pane sliding windows in either white or almond, low-e .28 U-factor (no grids), and screens included on all operable windows. However, you have the option to upgrade certain features, including color, size, casement, trim, and grid style. Balancing style with affordability, Jeld-Wen has beautiful windows for your modern or traditional home. 

Reliable Features Make Reliable Homes 

Since the beginning, we have believed in our mission of building dream homes that are both affordable and stylized to our customers’ needs. This cannot be achieved without the quality products we put into our homes. Jeld-Wen’s customizable windows keep energy bills low, protect home interiors from UV light, and come with transparent lifetime warranties that far outweigh other window providers. 

To learn more about custom homes from Adair Homes, contact a Home Ownership Counselor today. 

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