Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 12, 2013 1:00:48 AM
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It may seem obvious, but there are not many things that are more important to the home building process than your ability to comfortably afford the home you've chosen. Whether your finances allow you to simply make the purchase, or you need a construction loan, it pays to turn to your builder for advice and assistance. A financial pre-qualification can help you determine the loan amount most comfortable for your family based on your "debt to income" ratio. Once you've settled on a budget that suits your means, you're ready to determine the total cost for your project, including the land, your home, and site development costs. Identifying these three items is crucial to choosing a home that fits your finances, as well as your needs and wants.

There are other ways to get more from your homebuilding budget. It pays to both check and strengthen your credit score before you apply for financing. Be sure that your credit history is in good order and hold off on applying for new credit a year before you build. Although it seems obvious, the sooner you start saving for your purchase the better. Finally, acquiring pre-approved financing upfront will both save you time and help you stay within your homebuilding budget.

With Adair Homes, we work to ensure that your comfortable budget is met. We help you step-by-step in the process of determining your total project cost so there are no surprises once construction starts. Make sure that the builder you choose is committed to helping you with this critical step or you may end up paying a substantial amount more than you originally thought.In partnership with Alliance Financial, we will make this step an easy process for you!

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