Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 15, 2016 2:46:39 PM
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Everyone loves a beautiful kitchen, but when you’re a chef (amateur or professional), you need a kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional. Your space should feel good to work in. While everything you need should be close at hand, the kitchen must feel spacious and be clutter-free.

Tall order? Not if you build custom.

One of the best parts of building a custom home is that you get to design the perfect kitchen for your needs. Pot fillers, prep stations, pull out dishwasher drawers-- you name it, you can have it in your kitchen.

If you need a kitchen that’s as pleasing as it is practical, take a look at these beautiful custom home kitchens we’ve built for our customers using our flexible floor plans. We’ll also highlight a few takeaway ideas to incorporate in your own kitchen.

A Dream Pantry


Everyone talks about a dream kitchen, but being the culinary genius you are, you know that the pantry is really where the magic happens. Your pantry should feel like your own personal grocery store. You need a central location for all of your food goods, including your collection of pastas, rices, and exotic spices.

If you’d love a pantry space to stock your stuff, check out the expansive walk-in pantry featured in the Jefferson plan.

A Butler’s Pantry

Would you love a second prep area in addition to your main kitchen? The butler pantry, also known as the butler’s kitchen, is the ideal place to stage meals and store serving items when not in use. It conceals the mess and keeps your kitchen spotless-- it’s awesome when you’re entertaining!

In the Mt. Rainier plan, the butler’s pantry connects the kitchen to the dining room. With a useful sink, ample cabinet space, and plenty of room for prepping the next course, you’ll how you lived without this additional workspace.

Plenty of Counter Space


You need room to chop, slice, dice, and fillet, which means you need lots of counter space. You need the Livingston, with its oversized counter height island that’s perfect for prepping your next delicious delight. This plan also has room for an appliance garage, a hideaway to store your appliances when not in use.

Open Floor Plan

More than one cook in the kitchen? If you share your space, you need a floor plan that accommodates extra elbows and we’re not just talking about macaroni! If you need a kitchen with room to move, an open floor plan like the Ashland.

Open kitchens are one of the best design trends ever. You’ll never feel isolated while everyone is having fun somewhere else. In the Ashland design, the kitchen is open to both the great and dining rooms. Plus, you have a wraparound eat-in island that allows for easy interaction with family and friends while you’re preparing your masterpiece in the kitchen.

A Place for Everything


In your kitchen, there should ample storage for everything you need. You’ll find that storage ability in the Oswego plan. Not only does this plan feature a roomy walk-in pantry, there’s also an extra large island with built-in shelving. We think this provides the perfect spot for cookbooks and other decorative accents that inspire your culinary feasts.

Are you ready to start planning out the perfect chef’s kitchen? Why wait? Download your free design guide now.