Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on May 14, 2015 10:17:53 AM
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Now that you’re building your dream home with your trusted Pacific Northwest home builder, wouldn't you love to have an interior designer to help bring your ideas to life? Well at Adair we know the finishing touch is just as important as the foundation. That’s why we’re excited to welcome aboard our new full time interior designer, Lorri Dunn.

Lorri is an international designer with a wealth of experience. For more than two decades, Lorri has created beautified homes and renovated historical buildings to their original opulence. She also worked as a custom kitchen and bath designer for Ikea prior to joining our Adair family. So, if you’re looking for custom home interior design that is both livable and Pinterest worthy, Lorri is the answer and she’s excited to help you get started designing your dream home.

Here at Adair Homes, we’re committed to making your dream a reality. It begins with selecting the right custom home floor plan (we have more than 30 to choose from), but it’s the customized selections that truly make your house a home. That’s why we can offer you what no other custom home builder can: professional interior design advice from Lorri Dunn. We asked Lorri about the home design process and here is what she had to say:

What are the benefits of having an interior designer?

An experienced interior designer helps home builders increase customer satisfaction and improve internal operations. The home building process is becoming more complicated as builders are offering more and more selections to meet the consumer’s desire to personalize their homes.  A home builder that provides their customers with well-trained, knowledgeable, and professional designers, lets the customers know that the builder truly wants them to have a positive home buying experience.

Working with a professional interior designer will help you be able to customize and personalize your dream home. This design professional will lead you through the design process and put you at ease that your home will turn out just as you imagined or even better.

So, where to begin?

Start With a Vision.

Here are some simple ways to discover your vision for your dream home.

Get inspired. Before you draw a single line or consult with our Pro Team, consider your dreams. At the very beginning of this process, it's not about square footage or setbacks or even floor plans. It's about how you want to live in your home.

Visit your favorite communities. There is a reason they are your favorites, and it's most likely because you love the homes there. Don't consider price or practicality—yet. You are looking for inspiration.

Attend open houses. Look for homes for sale and make weekend open houses a regular outing while you are planning your dream home. Each house will have features that inspire you, and features that will leave you unmoved. Take note of every feeling and detail: it's just as important to know what you actively dislike. View Adair’s Open House schedule and mark your calendar.

Take photographs. Find a home you love? Take as many photos as possible. You'll find more detail in the photos than you saw in person, and after visiting dozens of houses, they'll be a great way to recall that thing you loved right at the beginning.

Get organized. Dreaming is good, and it's important to have a vision for what you want to achieve. We recommend saving your favorites on our website.  Pinterest and Houzz are also  great places to organize your ideas and find inspiration. If that doesn’t float your boat, go old school by starting up a home journal filled with your inspirational ideas.

Still have questions? Not sure how to articulate your dream home desires? We’re hosting a Design Night this Tuesday in Woodland, WA with Lorri. Be sure to come by and glean from Lorri’s wealth of advice and experience and get all your questions answered. We’d love to see you there!

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