Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 13, 2015 4:00:33 AM
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Admit it. We all like to look good. Really good. Turn-heads-and-stop-traffic kind of good. After all, it’s boring to look like everyone else on the block. At Adair Homes, we know that you want to build a home that you can feel proud to show off to friends, family, even total strangers. After all, when you come home from work at the end of the day and pull up in your driveway you want to see your house and think, “You are still as good looking as the day I moved in.”

So what does it take to create crazy good curb appeal for any one of our more than 30 custom home floor plans? Here are a few tips from the design pros (i.e., our customers).

Side Entry Garage


One way to create crazy good curb appeal is to create a side entry garage. A side entry garage means that people notice your house, not your garage. This means that you can show off more of your home (and your impressive gardening skills).

Classic Craftsman


Few things create charming curb appeal like a classic Craftsman. A Craftsman creates crazy good curb appeal because it shows off the architectural design of your home (and your incredible good taste). You can now choose an optional Craftsman elevation for six our most popular custom home floor plans. Just don’t be surprised if you hear a low whistle now and again as people pass by your home.

Wrap Around Porch


Just imagine how good you’ll look sitting on your front porch, reclining in your Adirondack chair, sipping something cool on a hot summer day. A wrap around porch is made for slow Saturday afternoons (hammock optional). It also creates the very best kind of curb appeal. The kind that makes the neighbors want to stop by, hang out, and tell you how good your house looks as you sit back in your chair with a wink and a smile and say, “I know.”

Does your current home make you feel like that? If not, stop by an Adair Homes Sales Center and discover how to create your own crazy good curb appeal. Don’t see one that fits? Let us design something completely custom from the ground up. Live Chat with Dara to find out more about creating a completely custom home.

Need some inspiration? Download our Design Guide and start designing your own dream home.