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If you’re planning to build a new home, you might hire an architect and select a builder to construct the house based on your plans. Although this is a common approach, it’s not the best fit for every homeowner, especially those who are working with a budget and need predictable pricing. For this type of homeowner, home packages are an excellent alternative because most of the costs are lumped together.

There are multiple types of home packages available in all types of styles and locations. The type that makes the most sense for you will depend on whether you already have land, the floor plan you’re looking for, and the types of features you want. As you are considering which approach you should take, consider these options.

Custom, Stock, and Spec Homes

When deciding which type of home package is a good fit for you, think about how much customization you want and need.

Custom Homes

Custom home packages offer the most freedom and flexibility when building a new home. Whether you start from scratch or adapt an existing floor plan, you can make a custom home truly yours. Select everything from where each room is located to the fixtures and paint colors.

Custom home packages may or may not include land. If you need to purchase land, many builders have relationships with realtors who can help you find a suitable lot in your preferred location.

Standard Homes

Standard home packages allow you to select from a range of floor plans and different levels of finishes. Standard (or stock) plan providers often allow you to choose variations based on the orientation of the home, but other than flipping the floor plan, you can do little or no customization. The finish levels are often offered in tiers and do not allow you to mix and match. For example, if you want luxury finishes in the master bath and basic finishes in a guest bath, you might not be able to do this with a stock plan package.

Standard/Stock home packages may or may not come with land. Sometimes you might see a paper listing that includes both the land and the cost to build the home.

Spec Homes

Spec homes are new homes that are often purchased after they have been built.  Sometimes they are purchased after they have been designed or during the building process. The amount of customization you can do depends on when in the process you buy the home. For example, if you decide to buy a spec home that is mostly complete, you might be able to select paint colors or appliances, but you won’t be able to change anything else.

Spec home packages include the cost of land. They also include the builder’s financing fees and interest, so think carefully about what you are getting for the investment.

Modular and Stick-Built Homes

Modular and stick-built are two types of construction methods that any of the above home packages might employ.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are mostly built off-site in a manufacturing facility. After they are completed, the modules are trucked to the site, craned onto the foundation, and connected together. The builder then finishes the remaining details on the home. Some of the benefits of modular construction include a faster building process and controlled conditions in the factory. However, because of the size and shape of the modules, there are some design limitations that might not work for what you have in mind.

Stick-Built Homes

Stick building is basically the traditional construction method. A construction crew builds the entire home on-site starting with the frame. This method allows the most flexibility in terms of design because you are not limited by module sizes. Stick building is a time-tested method that the majority of builders use to construct new homes.

When evaluating various home packages, the one that makes the most sense for you depends on a number of factors. For example, if you already own land, it probably doesn’t make sense to buy a spec home. If you have a clear vision of what you want, you might not find it in a stock plan. If you are considering a custom home package, talk to one of the Home Ownership Counselors at Adair Homes. We’ll help you customize your favorite floor plan, or start from scratch with a full custom design.

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