Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jan 17, 2017 11:52:52 AM
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When you envision your ideal home, you may picture it on a couple acres overlooking a quiet bay or on a quiet property nestled at the base of a mountain ridge or on a large plot on the outskirts of a fast-growing city. No matter where you picture your perfect home, choosing a custom builder can help you ensure that you end up on your dream land. But you may be asking yourself a common question: Do I need to own the land before I find a custom home builder?

The short answer is no; it’s not necessary to find the perfect plot of land before you decide on a home builder. Many customers start the custom home-building process by identifying a builder that meets their needs and then finding their land. Others will have already purchased their land or may have owned it for years before beginning to look for a builder.

You can choose the path that works best for you and your family; however, there are several perks to selecting your home builder before you purchase land:

Access to real estate partners.

Select builders offer assistance in finding your perfect plot of land. Some will even recommend real estate agents who specialize in land sales in your preferred area. For example, Adair Homes partners with preferred real estate professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest to help buyers like you narrow your land search. Our Local Land Search tool is a great place to start the process by viewing available properties in your area.

Better insight into the total cost of your home.

The total cost of building a custom home includes the price of the land, the site development, and the home itself. When you select your home builder first, you have a chance to work with the company’s team to see how much building on a given property would cost. At Adair Homes, our Homes Construction Superintendent and Branch Administrator meet with each customer to help determine site-development costs. The Superintendent will also discuss with you potential site considerations, such as soil conditions and access to utilities, which may impact overall costs.

The chance to get started right away!

Many customers begin planning their dream home while they are also shopping for land. By selecting your builder first, you can start browsing custom floor plans right away and then work on making it your own as you search for and purchase your dream land. At Adair Homes, customers love the fact that they can customize their home while also looking for land.  

Whether you already own your land or you’re getting ready to start looking, it’s important to also find a custom home builder that meets your needs and can deliver your dream home while staying within budget. By working with a trusted and experienced builder, you’ll position yourself and your family for success at every stage of the home-building process.

Ready to start your land search and learn more about the path to custom-home ownership?