Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 30, 2018 7:50:14 AM
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For those who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts, their love of nature is part of nearly every aspect of their lives. Even when planning for their next home, they keep the outdoors as a top-of-mind priority. Luckily, there are several exciting home design trends happening right now that will help any outdoor enthusiast to feel right at home.

Below, we explore some of the top home design features that are perfect for nature lovers:

A spacious mudroom.

Anyone who loves to spend time outdoors knows the importance of having a convenient place to kick off muddy shoes, wash your hands, and clean up. That’s why many nature lovers are currently listing a mudroom as one of their must-haves. A roomy utility space with a mudroom bench and cubbies is perfect for storing shoes, winter coats, and umbrellas, giving you a dedicated area of transition from outdoors to indoors—without tracking dirty footprints or spreading outdoor gear throughout the entire home.

Extended porch and patio space.

A spacious front porch or back patio is a wonderful place to relax, visit with friends and family, and enjoy your little slice of the outdoors. In the last five years or so, we’ve seen a renewed appreciation for porches and patios, as homeowners seek to make the very most of their exterior space. If you’re considering features for your next home and you love the outdoors, be sure to put 'porch and patio space' at the top of your list.

Large windows.

Another great way to get your nature fix is to bring in more of the outdoors with expansive windows. Many of our custom home customers opt to extend their windows in their living room, master bedroom, and dining area. Not only does this let  in more light and better views, it can also help homeowners take advantage of natural warmth during the cold winter months, which will lower heating bills.

A fire pit.

Gathering friends and family around a fire is one of the best ways to get outdoors and enjoy a crisp evening. A growing number of homeowners are building their own permanent firepit areas, which promise to get plenty of use on summer evenings and throughout the spring and fall.

Online, DIY designs range from simple to over-the-top, so you can choose which type of firepit will suit your needs. Whichever direction you select, be sure the pit is at least 10 feet clear of your home (and any other structure).

Nature-inspired landscaping.

For nature lovers, there’s nothing like lush green trees, bushes, and colorful flowers to make a home feel complete. Outdoor enthusiasts often prefer a more natural landscape than the traditional American lawn provides. That’s why many homeowners in the Pacific Northwest are embracing landscaping that incorporates wildflowers and native plants, which require less water, and lawns that are smaller and easier to maintain.

As long as it's allowed by your community’s HOA or city covenants, you’re free to turn your lawn into an outdoor oasis. With just a bit of research, or the help of a landscape design professional, you can incorporate plants that thrive in your region, along with stones, dry “creek beds,” water features, and anything else that makes you feel connected to nature. After all, nothing will help you appreciate the outdoors quite like creating your own backyard (or front yard) sanctuary.

Your Custom Dream Home

If you and your family are outdoor enthusiasts, the best way to make your home nature-friendly is to opt for a custom-built design. Building with Adair Homes gives you the chance to incorporate several of the features mentioned here, including a mudroom, large porches and patios, and extended windows.

Going the custom homebuilding route also lets you determine where you’ll build and what your view will be like, whether it’s in the mountains, near the city, or somewhere in between. Plus, you get to choose which direction your home will face and what your land will look like—rolling hills, dense thickets, a stream, or all of the above! Truly, a custom home is the best way to ensure your house soaks up as much of the outdoors as possible–because that’s what will make it feel like your own.

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