Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Feb 23, 2017 7:31:44 AM
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Have you ever walked into a home with a sunken living room or shag carpet and felt like you were transported in time (and not in a good way)? Sometimes the trendiest design choices can turn into a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when trying to resell a home decades down the road.

On the other hand, building a new home allows you to incorporate custom features to make your space unique. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this freedom to give your living room a personalized touch to make it stand out from other homes? Fortunately, working with a design professional allows you to strike a balance between trendy and timeless so that you can create a space that both matches your style and avoids feeling dated in a few years.

Be Cautious About Permanent Design Decisions

Although many design choices can ultimately be undone if your tastes change—after all, you can fill that sunken living room—major renovations come with a hefty price tag. Think carefully about any design feature that would require major work to change, such as:

  • Exposed beams
  • Window size and shape
  • Fireplace and mantel style
  • Columns
  • Wood paneling
  • Built-in shelves

Of course, it’s not necessarily wrong to incorporate any of these features, but it’s important to think carefully about how they might look in 10 or 20 years and to select a simple style that will still feel fresh after some time has passed.

Be Trendy and Affordable

If you want to incorporate some of the latest living-room trends, do it affordably with key decor elements that can be updated inexpensively. Some examples of affordable ways to add character to a room that can be updated without breaking the bank are:

  • Throw pillows
  • Lamps and light fixtures
  • Statement rugs
  • Window treatments
  • Artwork
  • Painted accent walls

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to paint a wall or get new curtains than it is to change the paisley wallpaper or remove paneling. By using these types of accent items, you can always keep up with the latest design trends.

Incorporate Timeless Trends

Some living-room trends will never go out of style. If you want your space to always feel up to date, consider incorporating some of these features as you design a new custom home:

  • The look of hardwood floors
  • Neutral and traditional colors
  • Natural materials like wood and stone
  • Simple patterns
  • Access to natural light

With these basic elements as a foundation, it’s easy to update a living room every few years with some of the affordable options described above. If you like a nautical theme, change up the artwork and add a lighthouse lamp. If you want to switch to a rustic theme in a few years, it’s just a matter of updating the decor.

The design professionals at Adair Homes are here to help you make timeless choices about your living room and every other space in your new custom home. Our in-house professionals also provide curated finish selections that fit your style preferences and take your budget into account. Thinking about building a new custom home? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.