Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 12, 2016 1:20:41 PM
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Everyone loves the feel of a bright and airy home. In fact, studies suggest that a home with lots of natural light can contribute to better productivity, better sleep, better moods, and less fatigue. Homes with a lot of natural light are easy on your pocketbook too. Natural light contributes to a more energy efficient home and that means lower monthly energy bills.  

A home with abundant natural light is not just beautiful. It can contribute to improved well being for you and your family. Here are some simple design customizations that you can include in your Adair Home to brighten your space and make you feel like a million.

Maximize Sun Exposure

sun exposure

The number one rule of designing a home with lots of natural light: placement. How your home is placed on the lot will determine which rooms are bright at which time of day. Walk your lot with your builder and discuss how you will live in the home. This will make it easy to create a home that’s filled with natural light exactly where - and when - you want it.

Add More Windows


When you begin designing your home, question everything. Why are the windows placed where they are? Why are they a specific size? Can they be moved? Can they be bigger? Can more windows be added? When you build a custom home the answer is typically yes. Adding windows is a simple and budget-friendly way to open up your home, increase natural light, and take advantage of beautiful Pacific Northwest views.

Create a Wall of Windows


A few years ago it seemed that you would only see a folding wall of windows in the most exclusive luxury vacation homes. Today this trend is much more accessible and it’s gaining popularity. Not only does the folding wall add more light but it instantly opens up your home to create more space for big gatherings.

Add Skylights


Skylights were popular in the 1970’s but lost favor due to leaks and other problems. Thankfully, modern skylights are back on trend in a big way. Advances in technology and manufacturing have made skylights more durable - and stunning - than ever. Skylights are the best way to brighten your home without giving up any of your privacy.

Add Vaulted Ceilings


Vaulted ceilings open up a room and make it feel even more spacious than it actually is. But vaulted ceilings aren’t just for the great room! You can create that same sense of spaciousness by adding vaulted ceilings to your master suite, bonus room, dining room, den or kitchen.  

Big Windows in Stairwells


Take advantage of tall ceilings by adding windows to stairwell and open loft areas. Not only does this add natural light to typically dark stairwell areas (which saves a lot of money in your monthly energy bill), it also makes the second level of your home feel brighter and more spacious.

Add Windows to Doors


Doors with windows like this one are a beautiful way to add more natural light (and curb appeal) to your home. Choose one that’s the right for your budget and your style. Visit a Design Center to learn more about the options available.

Add Windows to Utility Areas

utility spaces

When designing a home that feels bright and spacious don’t forget utility rooms and mud rooms. Traditionally these areas have been dark corners and closets that can feel drab. Modern design trends include opening up utility spaces with lots of natural light and fresh air.

Think Small


Not all windows have to be standard size. Add transom windows above standard windows and doors as an inexpensive way to brighten your home. Smaller non-standard window sizes - like the ones on either side of this fireplace - make a big impact.

Think About Flow

interior french doors

When you are designing your home think about how one room flows into the other. A smaller door would have made this room feel darker and more closed in, even with the double windows. By adding French doors that let in more light from the brighter entry area, this customer has a den that feels light and airy.

Mix Lighter Surfaces


Here’s a trick from the pros: large white surfaces reflect light and make spaces appear brighter. A lighter countertop like this one can be mixed with darker, richer cabinet and tile selections. This makes smaller rooms appear brighter and larger without giving up that rich designer look.

Want more ideas to begin planning the design of your new home? Download our free Design Guide. It’s a fast and fun way to start collecting and organizing your design ideas. Get yours now.