Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 13, 2014 11:00:07 PM
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At Adair Homes, it’s not really about the homes. Sure, we’re obsessed with delivering exceptional craftsmanship in every home. And yes, we love making our customers ecstatic about moving into their own dream home. And of course, as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most trusted home builders for more than 45 years, we know our reputation is built one home at a time.

What it’s really about is you. After all, every Adair Home is uniquely designed by, and for, the person that lives there. Your style, your vision, and your absolutely undeniable originality is what turns the floor plan you choose into the home you love.

So when it comes to designing and building your dream home, what’s your design style? Here are three custom home design personalities and the floor plans that fit.

Which one best describes you?

Cozy, Charming Cottage


You’re an original, and you believe your home should be too. You love the charm of old bungalows and the simplicity of classic architecture. You’re a weekend warrior that would rather spend your weekends on the slopes or on a hike than maintaining your home, though you love the idea of your own garden. You think your home should be a source of pride, something you’ve worked hard for and a place that is a reflection of your style and your life.

Plans that might be right for you: Plan 997, Plan 1291

Flexible and Family-Friendly

Family Friendly

For you, it’s all about family. You’re happiest when the whole clan is gathered around your kitchen: aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandparents. For you, a happy home is one filled with good food and lots of laughter. Kids are always having fun, there’s always a game on somewhere in the house, and something delicious is always simmering on the stove. From chaotic weekday mornings to festive holiday dinners, you’re the picture of calm that always has everything under control.

Plans that might be right for you: Plan 3217, Plan 1950

Options, Options, Options


Every time you walk into a home, you immediately begin to rearrange it in your mind. Move out a wall, add a window, reposition a view, convert the extra bedroom into more living area. For you, every home design is simply a starting point. A blank canvas to be redesigned and reimagined. You know that you and you alone are the best person to design the perfect home for your family, and you know just where to start. You appreciate custom home floor plans that include plenty of choices to personalize every inch of your home.

Plans that might be right for you: Plan 1920, Plan 2080

Find your own design style. Browse more than 30 custom home floor plans on our website, including photos and virtual tours.