Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 27, 2015 2:00:23 AM
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Is it any wonder that we love a good bonus room? After all, we think you should have complete freedom to design your home any way you want. Few rooms offer more freedom and flexibility to express yourself than the bonus room. It’s an entire room that can be completely devoted to your hobbies, interests, and personality. Literally anything goes.

Still not convinced that your bonus room can be the favorite room in your home? Here are 10 bonus room ideas that will make you a bonus room believer, too.

1. Release your inner Beyonce

Have you ever wanted to run your own dance studio out of your home, or just dance for the fun of it? From ballet to Beyonce, a bonus room has the size and space for you to get your groove on. (They still say that, right?) Add some hardwood floors and a sound system, and we think you can dance. You can even install a barre on the wall, keep mats handy for tumbling, or put in special lighting for a techno dance party.

2. Launch an empire

Starting your company from the garage or the kitchen table sounds like a good idea until you have to park your car or eat dinner. We think a bonus room is a better place to launch your big idea. It’s bigger, cleaner, and warmer in winter, and you don’t have to share your space with the lawnmower. Create a home office in your bonus room with a dedicated desk, shelving, and all the outlets you need to power your all-important devices. With an office in the bonus room, you’ll feel confident and professional for your next video conference.

3. Create a family idea space

Paint all of the walls of your bonus room in white board paint. Then, give everyone in the family their own markers to draw, brainstorm new ideas, or even plan a vacation. An upstairs bonus room like the one in our 2,659-square-foot Liberty floor plan offers plenty of room for a creative genius while keeping the downstairs area neat and tidy. You never know what ideas will come up when you have the creative freedom to express yourself!

4. Get the band back together

When is the last time you played the guitar or practiced your drum solo? Turn your bonus room into a music studio and get your ‘80s cover band back together. Insulate your space and create impromptu jam sessions, host a karaoke night, or catch up on lost episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music. Use your bonus room to record music to share with friends, create demos, or make your own album.

5. Create a playroom

Our 2,449-square-foot Madison floor plan features an optional bonus room that is perfectly positioned between two bedrooms with a direct line of sight from the kitchen. That gives you a space where kids can play while keeping toys out of the main living areas. (Actually, we couldn’t say that with a straight face. Toys will still be everywhere. It’s a bonus room, not a magic genie.)

6. #TeenRoom

If the fight over the remote with your teenagers is starting to feel like the Battle of Winterfell, maybe it’s time they got their own space. An upstairs bonus room (like the one in our 3,217-square-foot Mt. Rainier floor plan) is the perfect out-of-the-way space for texting and gaming. #TeenagerAttitude #NotToday.

7. Build an artist studio

Maybe you just need a place to create—a place with lots of light where paint splattered on the floor only adds to the charm. Put additional windows in your bonus room for more light and laminate floors that are easy to clean. Van Gogh would be jealous.

8. Create a pool cabana

The bonus room in our 2,734-square-foot Mt. Hood floor plan is perfectly positioned with direct access to the backyard. Use it as your own private cabana, sunroom, or playroom. But let’s face it: Cabana just sounds way better.

9. Train for the Tour de France

OK, maybe you won’t be wearing the yellow jersey anytime soon (or, let’s face it, ever), but that doesn’t mean you can’t join a virtual peloton on your fancy studio cycle. Pump up the tunes (and the resistance) to get up those steep slopes. Put in a widescreen TV so you can multitask and catch up on the latest news while you exercise, or just enjoy the view out the window.

10. Get lost in your personal library

The ultimate word-nerd fantasy is a personal library with shelves packed with all your favorites. Create the coziest of book nooks with an overstuffed chair and a reading lamp tucked into the corner. Sip your coffee while you do the morning crossword in your own little library oasis.

What other bonus room ideas do you have? Browse our floor plans for ideas or download our free Design Guide. It’s a fun way to start planning the design of every room in your home.