Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jun 25, 2019 10:41:34 AM
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Multigenerational homes are one of the latest trends in homebuilding. Parents are moving in with their adult children to help them raise kids, to help manage healthcare issues, or just to be closer to their family in general. It’s also common for adult children to return home after college to save money on living expenses or to continue helping out around the house.

Regardless of your reasons for multigenerational living, it’s important for everybody to have their own space. Being able to have a private retreat is essential for minimizing family tension and also for personal well-being. 

If you’re considering building a multigenerational home, or just want to have that option in the future, consider some of these customizable floor plans.

1. The Cascades

With 3,495 square feet of living space, the Cascades is the largest of our multigenerational floor plans. This home comes standard with four bedrooms and a loft, but you have the option to convert the loft to a second master suite. Having one of the master suites on the main level opens the possibility for single-level living for aging family members. 


2. The Mt. Rainier

The Mt. Rainier has 3,217 square feet of living space with the option for dual master suites. The master suite on the main level can also be extended to include a sitting area and private entrance, providing plenty of living space and privacy for an older parent or adult child. Upstairs, the fourth bedroom and bonus room can be converted to a second master suite, still leaving loft space for the kids to use. 

mt rainer farmhouse-1

3. The Ashland

Another multigenerational home with two stories, the Ashland has 3,136 square feet of living space and comes standard with two master suites and three additional bedrooms. Both master suites, one on each level, have the same layout with a large walk-in closet that can be extended to provide more storage space. Add the optional dual sinks for couples, or enjoy the extra counter space if only one person will be using one of the master suites. 


4. The Cashmere

It may have only a single level, but with 3,120 square feet, there is plenty of room for everybody in the family to find their own private corner in the Cashmere. The master suite can include an optional door that opens to the back patio for private entry and exit. The bonus room can also be converted to a large fourth bedroom in its own corner of the house. 


5. The Mt. Hood

The Mt. Hood is a single-level floor plan with the option for two master suites, each of which can have its own separate entrance at the back of the house. The primary master suite is separated from the other bedrooms for the family members who need the most privacy. The second master suite can be converted from the bonus room, without giving up space in either of the other two bedrooms. 


6. The St. Helens

The St. Helens has a similar option for dual master suites in 2,711 square feet. This single-level rambler has a primary master suite that can be extended, adding another 68 square feet to create a seating area. The bonus room on the other side of the house can be converted to a second master suite without sacrificing any of the other three bedrooms. 


7. The Creston

A two-level, 2,512-square-foot floor plan, the Creston comes standard with five bedrooms, but two of the upstairs rooms can be converted to a second master suite. The master suite on the main level is the only bedroom on that floor, providing extra privacy and easy access to the kitchen and other common spaces. Upstairs, the second master suite sits opposite the bonus room, with the other two bedrooms on the other side of the house.


8. The Jefferson

If you’re looking for a multigenerational floor plan option for a narrow lot, the Jefferson packs 2,222 square feet into two floors with a compact footprint. In the standard plan, all of the bedrooms are located upstairs, and you have the option to convert the loft to a fourth bedroom. However, you also have the option to convert the den on the main level to a full bedroom with a full bathroom just across the hall. An entrance at the back of the house also provides the option for a semi-private entrance and sitting porch. 


If you’re considering building a new custom home and want to plan for a multigenerational household, talk to a Home Ownership Counselor at the Adair Homes branch near you. We’ll help you pick the floor plan that makes the most sense for your goals and budget. Contact us today to get started.