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Planning for the future is never easy, and neither is designing a home. But adding the 512 Suite to your Adair custom home build IS easy—and something you’ll never regret! The added value of this attached dwelling space is intrinsic to its use—consider it a guest room, a multi-generational home extension, or a flex space you’ll never grow out of.


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Who Needs  512? 

Americans from every walk of life and income bracket are considering multi-generational living after the pandemic. Many cite being closer together as a motivating factor—but finances are playing a more significant role for everyone.

According to Pew Research Center: “…majorities across income groups cite financial issues as a major or minor reason for residing in a multigenerational family household, lower-income adults are more likely to say the living arrangement helps them financially – 50% say it does at least a little, compared with 36% of middle-income adults and 24% of upper-income adults.”

Living together helps offset costs across the board and can be emotionally beneficial!

Key Benefits of the 512

The 512 Suite features a separate entrance—making it the ideal home addition for multi-generational family units living together.

The 512 includes a sizable bedroom and closet, full bathroom, a living area, and a kitchenette. You’ll also find a space specifically designated for a stackable washer and dryer making it a fully functioning home within a home!


Adair Designs With You In Mind

Choose any one of our hundreds of plans and add the 512 Suite—mixing and matching is absolutely allowed! Then, meet with any of our design professionals to customize the plan to fit your lifestyle and budget. Not only are we able to help you draw the home of your dreams—we specialize in placing your home advantageously on your lot for views, construction costs, and access.

Adair Homes + You = The Perfect Home

With over 50 customizable floorplans and an entire Pro Team at your disposal, building a custom home with Adair has never been easier. Choose to personalize one of our plans, or draw your own from scratch. Either way, you’ll benefit from our decades of building experience and the cost-saving relationships we’ve built through Interpak Supply.

Contact an Adair team member today and begin the journey. We’ll walk you through every step, from budgeting and property site plans to interior design.

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