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Having two master bedrooms in your home gives you flexibility in how your family lives today and into the future. Dual master suites provide large bedrooms, bathrooms, and closet spaces that offer both comfort and privacy, and can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

1. Young Adults Living with Parents

Whether a child stays home after finishing high school or moves back in after college, young adults who live with parents need a certain degree of privacy. Many young adult children opt to live with parents while saving money to purchase their own homes, paying down student debt, or looking for jobs. Dual master suites allow the family to live together comfortably and without invading each other's spaces.

2. Older Parents Living with Children

Another common situation in which dual master suites can be beneficial is older parents moving in with their children. As parents age, it often becomes more difficult for them to maintain a home. Moving in with their adult children is a cost-effective way to retain a certain amount of independence. Having two master bedrooms allows everybody in the household to have their own private spaces while enjoying the benefits of multigenerational living.

3. Roommates Sharing a Home

If you are considering building a new home with a friend or roommate, dual master suites are essential for using the space equitably. Two adults living in the same household also want to be able to retreat to their own spaces on occasion. Sharing the cost of home ownership is a smart way to build equity, and having dual master suites allows you to have equal amounts of space as well.

4. Married Partners Who Enjoy Separate Spaces

Not every married couple wants to sleep in the same bed every night. Whether one partner snores or another one sleeps fitfully, sometimes having your own bedroom is the best way to maintain harmony in a marriage. Dual master suites allow couples to sleep peacefully, maintain their own schedules without inconveniencing their partners, decorate their own bedrooms to match their tastes, and have enough closet space for everything.

5. Baby Nursery with Amenities for Parents

Caring for an infant is challenging, but you can make late nights more comfortable for both parents by using a second master suite as a nursery. With plenty of space for storing baby items, a comfortable bed that allows you to nap when the baby does, and a conveniently located bathroom, a second master suite can make the early times of parenthood just a little easier. You can’t eliminate late-night crying, but dual master suites allow parents to have some peace and quiet.

Tips for Dual Master Suite Design

If you are building a new home with two master suites, consider where each bedroom is located in relation to each other and to the other rooms in the home. For example, in order to get maximum privacy, it makes sense to locate each bedroom at opposite ends of the home if there is only a single level. For a home with multiple levels, having bedrooms on two different floors is also an option, like in the Ashland floor plan.

Think about how each room connects to outdoor spaces. For example, ample windows allow natural light into rooms and private decks let family members enjoy private time outdoors as well.

When building a new home, you don’t always know what the future has in store. If you don’t need dual master suites now but think you might in the future, choose a floor plan that provides flexibility so you can convert spaces in the future. For example, the Jefferson floor plan can be designed with either a master suite and a den or dual master suites.

If you’d like to learn more about floor plans with dual master suites or any other type of layout, contact Adair Homes today.

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