Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 9, 2020 9:13:17 PM
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Lynn Tribon is an integral part of Adair Homes sustained success. She embodies the true spirit of Adair—proudly demonstrating Honesty, Integrity, and Respect with every interaction. We couldn’t be more happy to have Lynn heading up our new Customer Care Department. Thanks to Lynn, we are assured that each one of our customers will receive personal, genuine help from a qualified team of professionals. Curious to learn a little more about this all star? Read on!

How did you get into the construction/home building industry?  I was working in the legal field when I learned about Adair Homes. I was intrigued by Adair's business model—the joint effort between homebuilder and customer made so much sense. When the opportunity presented itself I jumped in with both feet, ready for a new challenge! 

How did you end up at Adair? In 1998 I was living in Bend, Oregon.  My good friend and neighbor, JR, was approached by Adair’s then President, Pete Marsh, to start a Branch in Southern Oregon. The opportunity piqued my interest. Since we were all very close and looking for a new adventure, we sold our homes and moved to Southern Oregon.  JR and I were two of Southern Oregon Adair's first customers and once again, neighbors; he built a 1560 and I built a 1702. The entire process made me a big fan and when the opportunity came up to work for Adair - I said yes without a second doubt.

What keeps you here?  That is super easy. I love a challenge, and I like to be creative and innovative. My new role in Customer Care allows me to trail the customer experience, and make decisions that both support our customers and keep in line with our company values. I am competitive by nature, so I enjoy learning new roles and finding new successes.  At the core though, I love that we build homes for families. There is really no reason to leave that kind of work environment.

What values do you hold most dear? Why?  Wow, what a question! It has to come down to my family and my work ethic. And those two personal values are always pushing against each other. At times, one has to give a little so the other can take center stage.  Right now, I am concerned that my family stays safe and healthy—but at the same time, my work is of hyper importance to me because I know what we do as a company right now will help to ensure that folks have jobs, and that customers have homes.  My moral values center around integrity and servant leadership. I believe that if I do the right things and ask others to join me, together we can move mountains.

For what purpose does Adair Homes exist, from your perspective?  Oh Gosh.  There are so many reasons why I think Adair exists and why I think we are best in the industry. At the top of the list is the service we provide to families. We give families their dream of home ownership in a house that is uniquely their own. Then, there is the employment side. Adair Homes is truly a family—from our employees, to our subcontractors, trades, lenders, suppliers, jurisdictions, and the rural communities in which we work—we are unified in our love and support for one another. 

In what ways is the authenticity of Adair's purpose evident in everyday activities?  With our world in turmoil right now, our purpose has become even more well defined. Adair leadership is vested in ensuring that our employees remain working, and able to provide for their own. Our company is also firmly committed to our customers—maintaining clear and accessible communication, and at the ready to continue building their homes in safe and healthy ways. This is so powerful, and it really assures me that I am in the right place with the right company. 

Tell us about something you are most proud of during your time at Adair Homes. I am most proud of having the opportunity to develop our new Customer Care Department. It has been incredibly fun and exhilarating. I see our department as a great example of Adair's genuine care for our customers. Adair has made it a priority to invest in the experience of our customers, going so far as to make it a measure of success. That is exciting for sure!

You've been with Adair for over 20 years. What's something that would surprise your coworkers and customers to know about you?  I will absolutely prank you if the opportunity presents itself. You have hereby been warned.