Posted by Kari Montoya on Oct 2, 2020 10:39:31 AM

Michelle Kofstad is the glue that holds a project together. As a Senior PreConstruction Administrator in the Woodland, Washington office, Michelle walks Adair customers through the toughest parts of a build job—answering a myriad of questions about process, budgeting, and product—plus, juggling schedules so that everything from the foundation pour to the newly added custom wrap-around porch come together on-time, and without a hitch. 

PreConstruction Superstar


Is it a tough job? You bet. Is Michelle up to the task? Unquestionably. Adair is humbled to have such a qualified, capable and personable employee in one of our key positions. 

And now it’s time to meet, Michelle!

What drew you into the homebuilding and construction industry?

My husband is in the trades, as is my father. In fact, construction seems to be a connected part of me for as long as I can remember! I really love home building. There is something so beautiful and amazing about starting a project with a bare lot—and arriving at a fully complete new home in a matter of months. It’s someone’s biggest investment and it’s amazing.

How long have you been with Adair Homes?

Six years now this September! 

Do you have a fun or meaningful recent customer story you could share with us?

It was about a year ago that the Braun Family was building with us, and the husband, who is a police officer, was hurt in the line of duty. We were able to band together as a team—a Woodland Team—and help the Braun’s get through a tough, tough time. We did a construction clean-up day, and helped in every way we could. 


What is your favorite TV show? What are you watching these days?

I absolutely love Fixer Upper! Joanna Gaines is amazing. I’ll even watch all the reruns. I like her style—plus, Target sells her stuff now!

What do you do outside of work?

I have two little ones—five years and one year—so, the majority of my extra time is spent with them, and they are at such fun ages! They each have completely different personalities. My kids and family always come first. 

What’s your favorite food?

Oooh. No favorite food. I’m actually not a foodie. But what I do love is...COFFEE! You put a little heavy cream in there and that’s my jam!

What’s something that might surprise your co-workers?

Once, in a former life, I was a pharmaceutical rep in sales. It’s always been a mystery to my why I haven’t jumped over to sales here at Adair—but—I really like working with our customers through the hardest phases of building their homes. So, in reality, I don’t think I can ever switch over, now!


Thank you, Michelle. You are a rockstar—and there’s no question about it: Adair is a better place for having you on our team. Adair believes that our greatest assets are our employees, and Michelle is no exception.


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