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If you’re looking for a career success story, Lynn Tribon’s rise within the ranks at Adair Homes reads like an American dream, with a sentimental twist.



A Start in Southern Oregon

Tribon launched what has become a nearly 22-year-long career with the Pacific Northwest company, beginning with a start at the company’s Medford branch.

After 15 years as a paralegal in the judicial system, Tribon said, “I was ready for a break,” recalling when she first heard of Adair Homes, “And I thought, ‘This new company sounds interesting. It sounds like a breath of fresh air.'” She took on administrative role with Adair’s brand new southern Oregon branch, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Adair Homes works exclusively with individual families who already own land to build custom homes, making the experience different than working with builders who specialize in subdivisions or large developments. With Adair, the family works alongside the team to customize the home, a process results in a close relationship with the homeowners. Tribon said getting to know customers’ stories over the lifecycle of the homebuilding experience has been her inspiration from even her earliest days at the company.

“The affordability piece, helping homeowners get their custom home, and what home ownership really means... all of that solidified it for me,” she said, “I was probably an advocate for life at that point,” she added, “I went on to build several homes.”

Moving On Up

Tribon became the first female branch owner at Adair, crediting former CEO Pete Marsh for nurturing the skills she needed to take on the role. “He would send me on these awesome missions to watch the construction of a home and send him a report. What was amazing about that was that he took the time to teach me.”

Over time, Tribon was promoted to the regional sales manager at Adair’s Vancouver location, followed by becoming the sales manager for the entire state of Oregon.

“I managed the branch office for many years,” she said, “And, as a byproduct of that, I learned almost every role in the company. If you fast-forward to today, I’ve likely had more roles at the company than anybody else involved.”

This background makes her uniquely suited for her current role as the director of training and customer experience at Adair. She touches on all aspects of the company, with the experience and know-how to do so, managing a variety of tasks such as the onboarding of new employees, overseeing updates of company policies, completing annual reviews of documents, and more.

And still, according to her colleagues at Adair, Tribon is always one to take on a new role or project when the opportunity presents itself.

“We do personality profiles, and my profile definitely showed I like to be challenged, I am very competitive, and I will take a dare. I am that kind of person,” said Tribon, “I think having that kind of mindset and knowing that I will work really hard to accomplish what I set my mind to, Adair has asked me to do lot of interesting things.”

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