Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 31, 2018 7:06:35 AM
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At Adair Homes, we invest substantial resources into educating potential and existing customers. As the largest on-your-lot builder in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, we interact with many people who want to build a home for the first time. Removing some of the mystery around the process of building a new custom home makes a lifelong dream feel (and actually be) achievable for many of these people.

Adair Homes was recently recognized by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) with MarCom Awards for our floor plan catalog, blog homepage, and sustainable-home webpage—two gold medals and an honorable mention, respectively. Of course, we’re thrilled to have received these awards for all of the hard work the team has been doing, but what matters most to us is that we’re doing an effective job of educating people about the homebuilding process.

Why We Educate Potential Home Buyers

Investing the resources into customer education is a big decision, but so is building a new home. We believe that this investment provides invaluable returns for us as a business, but also for our thousands of satisfied customers.   

Convert More Sales

At Adair Homes we provide a unique path to home ownership—one that makes owning a custom home attainable for more people. We know our process works because we have been doing it for about 50 years, but we can’t expect a brand new lead to immediately understand why we stand out in the industry. Many of the people who visit our website in the early stages of their path to home ownership might not even think it’s possible for them to build a new custom home. They might be there just to look at floor plans as they fantasize about their dream home, but because we provide educational material about building equity and smart financing, they are more inclined to take the next step of scheduling an appointment to see if their aspirations are indeed possible.     

We have also learned that the more we can educate potential customers about the process that begins after they decide to move forward with building a new home, the more comfortable they will be making the commitment. Many people who are considering building a home for the first time have so many questions they don’t even know where to start. The process feels overwhelming, which can lead to decision paralysis. However, if we can provide useful information at just the right time, it helps them progress along the path more quickly. We win because it keeps our pipeline full. Our customers win because they get to their dream home more quickly.   

Minimize Surprises

We can’t eliminate the various unexpected events that might happen while building a new home—permit challenges, weather delays, and so on—but we can help prepare our customers for them. The custom homebuilding process is always going to come with a certain amount of stress, but the more prepared our customers are before the journey even starts, the better they will be able to handle the inevitable challenges that arise.

Because we do so much to educate our customers before they sign a new home contract—and before they even schedule their first consultation with us—they know what to expect. Of course, there are always plenty of questions to answer, but because we have already established our expertise and gained their trust, our customers know we’ll have the answers.   

Build Trust

Speaking of building trust, doing so is a critical step in the sales process, and we know that our educational pieces help accomplish this early in the customer journey. Selecting a builder is a major decision, and the stakes are high. Many people can’t afford to make mistakes, so they are naturally careful about whom they choose. They need a builder who can deliver on their promises, on time and on budget. By the time a potential customer comes to one of our offices, we have already educated them about how to find land, various financing options, the project timeline, the items that must be considered in the budget, and much more. It is clear to them that we have expertise in every stage of the homebuilding process, which helps to build trust before they even walk in the door.

We strongly believe that an investment in customer education yields immeasurable returns, and we’re grateful that our work has garnered MarCom Awards. Learn more about the homebuilding process, regional tips, and real estate news on our blog.