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When it comes to our homes, Americans are all about having plenty of space. In fact, more than 40 percent of homeowners say they wish they lived in a larger home.

As you start the process of finding your next home, consider whether it would be best to find a larger, smaller, or same-sized property. We find that many homebuyers jump at the chance to build a custom home that provides a bit more space, even if they didn’t initially realize they needed it.

Think about your current home, how you utilize the space, and how your family is changing. And keep an eye out for these five signs you definitely need a bigger home.

Your Family Is Growing

Maybe you just had a new baby or invited an aging parent to come and stay for an extended period of time. Maybe your adult children are about to have kids and will want to visit often. Or maybe you couldn’t resist adopting a pair of doe-eyed puppies who will soon grow up.

Whatever the reason, you probably need more space over time, as your living situation changes and your family grows. This may be the perfect time to look into a customizable floor plan—perhaps one over 2,000 square feet or one designed for multigenerational living.

For example, The Cascades offers four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and endless living space in 3,495 square feet. You can even add a second master suite to make it perfect for aging parents or adult children.

You Need More Storage Space

One of the, well, biggest problems with a small home is a lack of storage space. And for most families, the longer you’re in a place, the more stuff you accumulate. From clothes, shoes, and décor to technology, books, kitchen gadgets, and everything in between, they all take up some serious space.

If your family needs extra storage space, a larger home can help immensely. Not only does a bigger floor plan offer more closets, but it can also provide a larger garage and more attic space. And by working with a custom home builder, you can also choose from upgraded storage options, such as expanding your master closet, adding storage cubbies to your utility room, or incorporating more cabinet space in the kitchen.

You’ve Started Working from Home

For many professionals, working from home is a dream come true. But if your home lacks the space to accommodate you or your spouse’s home office, telecommuting can easily become a source of stress.

In an ideal world, every work-from-home employee would have his or her own beautiful office, with just enough separation from the rest of the house to enjoy some quiet and get work done. If you or another member of your family has begun working from home and needs a bit more room, a home with an extra bedroom, a spacious den, or additional living space can make all the difference.

For instance, The Madison exemplifies a larger home with plenty of space for an office: The front den in this 2,449-square-foot floor plan is ideal for any work-from-home hero.

Your Family’s Interests Have Changed

We see this one all the time: Dad gets into woodworking or wants to fix up a classic car. Mom is craving her own space to work out. Or the kids are a little older and want a place to watch movies, play video games, and hang out with their friends.

If your family’s interests are requiring a bit more elbow room than they did before, a larger, more functional floor plan may be just what you need. Homes like The Livingston incorporate a large bonus room that can fit your kids’ needs at every age, from the playroom years to the home theater stage. Downstairs, an optional den could become a workout space, while an optional third car garage provides plenty of space for hobbies.

The Timing Is Right

Maybe you’ve simply been waiting for the right moment to upgrade to a larger home. Is your local market good for buyers this summer? Did you or your spouse just get a raise? If the stars align, the best time to buy a larger home might be now, especially since interest rates may trend upward in the future.

If you’ve built some solid equity into your current home, this might be a perfect opportunity to apply that money to a new, larger, custom home. Not only will you enjoy extra space, but you’ll also keep working your way up the property ladder by making a smart investment for your future.

Ready to start exploring larger floor plans for your family? View our incredible selection of customizable plans.


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