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The average American will purchase at least three homes in their lifetime—often a starter home, a family home and, finally, an empty-nester or retirement home. In some markets, homeowners who are climbing the property ladder may own five or more homes as the decades go by. For many, this evolution of home ownership creates the perfect chance to work toward the home of their dreams.

If you’re at a place in life where you are ready to upgrade to a new home, you have an exciting opportunity before you: to build a custom home that is also your dream home.

What Makes a Dream Home?

For many of us, getting the keys to our very first home feels like a dream. But over time we realize that a true “dream home” is more than that: It’s crafted with you and your family in mind, and it suits your lifestyle. It has a floor plan perfectly suited for your family and their hobbies and interests—whether you’re into entertaining, movies, crafts, or something in between.

A dream home is also located in your ideal area, on a piece of land that you love. For many homeowners, this means a property with a beautiful view; others just want a bit more elbow room than a typical pre-built home can offer.

Inside, a dream home should have all the upgraded features and new technologies that will help make life comfortable and fun. If you love to cook, maybe that means a gourmet kitchen. If your family loves the big screen, you might want a theater-style movie room.

These dream features all add up to create a home that you’ll want to stay in for a long time—one that is not just the next step on the property ladder. That’s because a dream home is truly yours.

Making a Custom Home Your Dream Home

The custom homebuilding process makes it easy to create the home of your dreams. There are plenty of ways to make it yours, such as:

  • Find the perfect floor plan. Seek out a custom homebuilder who offers flexible options so you can customize an existing floor plan or design a completely custom home. Your floor plan should work for the way you live—for example, if you need a lot of space for your multi-generational family or if you want a large home for entertaining.
  • Build where you want. One of the best perks of building a custom home is the opportunity to build on your own land. You can use a property that you already own, or you can work with your builder and a Realtor to purchase land. Plus, you can situate the home where you want on the property to enjoy the best possible view and to make the most of the space.
  • Add your dream features and appliances. This is one of the most exciting parts of building a dream home: selecting those items that will make it your own, such as a gourmet kitchen with a large island, covered patios, a media room, or a luxurious master bath.
  • Make it your style. A homeowner who loves classic details would probably never feel quite at home in an ultra-modern space—and the opposite is true too. That’s why making a home reflect your style is so important: It helps a house to feel inviting, comfortable, and personalized. Selecting the elevation, finishes, and paint palettes that you love will help reflect your taste—and make your dream home complete.

Timing it Right

Now that you’re dreaming about your ideal home, consider whether now is your opportunity to make it a reality. Many of our customers begin exploring custom home options just to cover all their bases only to realize that they are truly in a good spot to build their dream home. Usually, these are people who:

  • Have a well-established family
  • Have already owned one or two homes, so they know what they like and what is important in a home
  • Entertain guests often, or are inviting family members to stay long-term, so they need a bit more room
  • Want to invest in a home that has the features they want—but is still a good value

If you and your family are in a similar position, building your dream home is well within reach. In fact, with a bit of planning and a strong vision, you could be settled into the home of your dreams by this time next year.

Learn More

As you get ready to upgrade to your next home, be sure to consider the option of building custom. This may be the ideal time to create the home of your dreams, in the location you’ve always wanted. If you’re interested in learning more about the custom homebuilding process, visit our website to view our customizable floor plans and read about our fully custom homes.

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